Fortify Your Software Development: Unmatched Cybersecurity Assurance

Did you know that the average cost from data breaches for companies in 2023 was USD 4.45 million?*

When outsourcing software development, especially in conjunction with remote IT staff environments, security is paramount. AccelOne has been managing remote team environments and the unique challenges that these environments present to IT security since our inception in 2013, well before the COVID pandemic made remote work adoption by enterprises a necessity.

IT security is the cornerstone of AccelOne operations and we understand the concerns of our customers about how and who works with their IP. We are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding, the security standards that our clients place on their IT vendors. By implementing various standards and processes, procedures, rules and guidelines across our company in all areas including, but not limited to, insurance, device usage, data management, and physical safeguards, we believe our security standards exceed our industry peers’.


What sets AccelOne security apart:

AccelOne distinguishes itself with an extensive Cyber Insurance coverage surpassing the industry standard.

The tools used in our Development process, and other SaaS platforms are world-class and comply with the highest standards in terms of security.

We provide the flexibility to maintain a secure baseline while customizing security practices to meet your specific needs, such as perimeter reviews, penetration testing, code reviews, and social engineering assessments.

With our Device Management Program, you have the ability to customize the device administration, including the Hardware ownership, the Device Management Platform administration, and the Security infrastructure ownership. 

If required, our hiring process includes thorough background checks for added peace of mind and compliance.

Our low-breach origin in Argentina ensures a secure environment for the services you require.

Elevate Your Software Outsourcing Experience with AccelOne

Your software development projects deserve a partner committed to excellence in every aspect, including cybersecurity. Partner with AccelOne and experience top-tier cybersecurity assurance and coverage embedded in your outsourcing journey.

For critical and sensitive clients’ business requirements, our professional services are ready to deliver:

Cyber insurance protection

Ethical hacking

Independent review if required

Code reviews / Infrastructure reviews / Security reviews

Devsecops methodology

Contact Us for Software Development with Cybersecurity Confidence

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