Product Development for an Innovative DeFi FinTech Company

The client is a FinTech company that brings innovation to digital assets lending with a unique business approach, providing ease of use and a service not found in other current crypto platforms.

Written by Mario Agüero|Posted on July 31, 2023

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The Business Requirement

With the evolution of financial transactions to a more distributed (DeFi or decentralized finance) environment, the client provides a new option for the lending market, different from the traditional financial system, initiating a new way of funding projects and business.

The Technical Solution

AccelOne gathered a team of the best engineers and designers in the crypto space, with the most brilliant minds of Latin America, including PhDs in engineering, physics, and mathematics, to create a solid, scalable, and efficient product for our client.

The technology used to create and deploy the client solution included:

  • AWS for the cloud services using Terraform
  • CI / CD within those services
  • Nodejs for the API and integrations
  • Containers
  • ReactJS for the web application

AccelOne created a team to meet the client’s specific needs. The team was made up of the following roles:

  • Chief operations officer
  • Project manager
  • Integration back end engineers
  • Front end team Leader
  • Front end engineers
  • QA automation engineers
  • DevOps
  • UX / UI designers (Fintech oriented)

The development project had several phases, and currently is in production

The Challenges

  • Flexibility: As crypto business is evolving fast and mutating in several different branches, AccelOne’s team worked in a quite dynamic agile environment, changing and adding features quite frequently.
  • Scalability: The platform is oriented to particular businesses with a small number of high profile transactions, but it is also prepared to scale to a high frequency version when required.
  • Security: This is perhaps the most important topic in FinTech. To achieve a high level of security, the key was focusing on the design and implementation, done with a daily collaboration between designers, engineers, and DevOps. Different levels of security tests are performed periodically.
  • Availability: Based on the same principles of security and scalability, but adding the permanent monitoring services to detect any service shortage in real-time.

The Results

  • The usability of the product (UI) provides a unique simplicity to the users, generating long term engagements.
  • The full production version was recently deployed.
  • AccelOne’s team is growing every month, since more requirements are being created by the customers due to new business opportunities.
  • The user base and transaction volume is growing everyday.
  • AccelOne’s team is improving their engineering and project management practices every day, and adapting to a light speed growing organization.
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