Dave Landis Joins AccelOne Advisory Board

Written by Scott Craig|Posted on August 23, 2023

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AccelOne is very excited to welcome Dave Landis, our first User Experience (UX) / Experience Focused Engineering (XFE) Advisor, to the team! As a company, we are passionate about our “user-experience first” development approach and the addition of Dave to our team is a huge milestone in this journey for us.

Dave, a Seattle local, boast decades of experience leading fortune 500 companies to brand dominance using User Experience (UX) design and Experienced-Focused Engineering. His portfolio of clients ranges from Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Getty Images and more.

While Dave is a true generalist when it comes to designing Branded Experiences and User Experiences, he says his speciality is bringing together the following concepts to a head which he refers to as Human Centered Design:

Emotional-Driven Design Data-Supported Design Experience Outcome (XO) Design Intuitive Design Matching Learning Inspired UX

The true value that Dave is bringing to the AccelOne team is to help us ensure that our clients are building a product for their brands which will be adopted by their intended users. Most of the time, clients come to us with a list of product requirements for development, which fit exactly into their business use cases. However, the majority the time these requirements didn’t take the User Experience into consideration. The product developer may THINK that they took it into consideration, but really didn’t do a full deep-dive into the user’s true emotional and intuitive experience.

“I suffer from a deep heart passion for empathically understanding the soul of humans as they seek to get the most from tech. I have a love for bringing Design Thinking into all I do, and an obsession with defining the future by inventing it. These motivations poured me into a wide variety of solutions for the entertainment, B2B, B2C and non-profit spheres of the products, services, and experiences.” -Dave Landis, AccelOne UX Advisor.

The end-result for these clients is lost money and time. They gather feedback from users from product users AFTER the development is complete and then go back and fix and adjust the fully-developed product to meet the needs of the users. Had they designed the product with the needs of the user in mind first, this could be avoided.

We are truly blessed to have Dave as a part of our AccelOne family and look forward to bringing his expertise to your brand’s product development team.

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