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Every software product requires extensive quality assurance testing before it is launched to the public.

Written by Luis Paradela|Posted on July 25, 2018

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Every software product requires extensive quality assurance testing before it is launched to the public. These extensive testing procedures include many complex steps, which are constantly being updated as new technologies emerge in software engineering. QA teams need to be aware of the latest trends in order to catch all potential bugs effectively and efficiently.

Below, we highlight the five most important QA test services that are absolutely essential for every software product.

1 – Functional Blackbox Manual Testing Blackbox Testing is a manual procedure based on a test suite of cases that are designed and executed by QA analysts, focusing on covering as much use cases as possible. This test is the closest simulation of real-world user activity.

2- Automated UI Testing Automated UI Testing is a perfect compliment to manual Blackbox testing. Our team uses a platform that runs simulations of users flows in a wide range of physical mobile devices.

3- Security Testing Security Testing ensures that applications and their data will not be compromised. A skilled, very specialized team with expertise in financial entities security executes the different tests and provides a complete remediation report based on the results.

4- Unit Testing Unit Testing is a type of testing created uniquely for a piece of software that ensures its processes and methods are performing the tasks that they were designed to. Each time a new version is integrated into the source code repository, a unit test is run by the developers. This test is a complement to blackbox and automated UI QA practices.

5- Performance Testing Performance Testing ensures that a software product loads and performs in the optimal amount of time for the designated amount of users. During the tests, user activity is simulated, and back end processes and infrastructure resources are monitored in a controlled stress state.

As QA testing becomes increasingly challenging each day, staying up-to-date on the top test services and latest trends is of the utmost importance. These five services touch the surface of QA, but additional tests are required to ensure a product is problem-free. Find QA analysts, like our team, that are using advanced procedures, including these five tests, to guarantee the success of your software.

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