Choosing Custom Software: When Is It Right?

Written by Scott Craig|Posted on September 21, 2022

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In our increasingly connected world, it has become essential for most businesses to offer online services to their customers, whether that takes the form of digital storefronts, mobile apps, payment systems, advertising, social media integration, or others. Companies are also undergoing processes of digital transformation and using software for administration, analytics, supply chain, data management, and security.

Technology advances quickly, and the demands of staying up to date are one of the major challenges of a modern business. Most organizations do not have the capacity to develop their own software using their in-house IT team, which has many duties and may lack key specialists for the task. The solution, then, is to either buy an off-the-shelf software package or hire an outside team of experts to create a custom software solution according to the needs of the company. While the first option may appear to be less involved, it is often worth investing in a system that is custom-built to meet your specific needs.

These are a few advantages of outsourcing for custom software development.

Increased Productivity

Companies buying off-the-shelf software often end up purchasing a patchwork of tools for different business operations, which scatters data around in different systems that must be accessed separately. This wastes time and leads to an increased chance of error. A custom software solution lets all participants access and transfer information in the same place, leading to tighter communication, higher efficiency, and better productivity.

Putting Together the Best Team

Creating the best software solution for your organization’s needs requires a range of specialist talent: not only developers with full-stack experience in suitable programming languages, but also software engineers, QA specialists, project leads, UX designers, etc. It is not easy, fast, or cheap to scout, locate, contact, and onboard all these diverse talents. But outsourcing to an agency allows you to assemble a complete team of experts for exactly how long you need them.

Standing Out from the Competition

In the competitive digital market, customers are usually just a swipe, tap, or click away from choosing a rival company instead of yours. A ready-made software template that is used by many other companies can often come across as generic, with the same UI and features that everyone else uses. If you want something eye-catching and unique, custom software development is the way to go, as you can structure it to be different in both appearance and functionality in a way that best sells your services.

Better Customer Experience

Having a unique software product also allows you to fine-tune the software to offer the best UX for the customer, reaping benefits in terms of customer ratings and brand loyalty. A purpose-built solution also runs more smoothly and is more convenient for the customer because it integrates all your services into one platform.

Improved Flexibility and Scalability

Off-the-shelf software usually does not allow much in the way of customization. This is hardly ideal in a fast-paced business world, where falling behind can spell the end of a company. What if, for example, the next quarter sees a rush to adopt emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency payment integrations, or virtual reality metaverse experiences? The ability to update, pivot, change business models, and introduce new features is essential for survival, but an organization needs control of its software to do this. A custom software solution will allow your company the flexibility to change direction and the ability to rapidly upscale to meet market demand.

Stronger Security

Custom-built software is often a more secure solution, as many custom software development companies will also have experience in the cybersecurity sector and have dedicated cybersecurity specialists among their staff that they can attach to your project. Having your software custom-made also allows you to choose which types of security systems you want to be integrated with your software, giving you control of sensitive information.

Personalized Maintenance and Support

When you outsource custom software development, choose an agency that offers a dedicated support team that can provide troubleshooting and guidance during development, launch, and even long after the software is live. Since they are connected to the developers themselves, they can offer the most effective solutions for any issues that arise.

Cost Efficient

Outsourcing a team for custom software development gives you access to top talent from all over the world. This includes developers from countries with a lower cost of living than the US and correspondingly lower salaries. The Nearshore development model employs software experts from Latin America, who are less costly than their US counterparts, but accessible during the same time zone for smooth operations.

Interested in hiring an experienced development team to build software for your business? AccelOne has a proven track record in creating custom solutions software across a wide variety of industries. To discuss how we can serve the digital transformation of your business, connect with us online or call 800.863.6814.

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