Future of Software Development in the 2030s

Written by Scott Craig|Posted on August 25, 2023

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In the last decade, the software development industry has seen an unprecedented amount of advancements and growth such as the Cloud, blockchain technology, and deep learning. With increased digitalization and the impending fourth industrial revolution aka Industry 4.0, we can expect even more disruptions and shifts in the 2030s.

Here are ten predictions of future trends in the software development industry.

  1. Advancement of Quantum Computing By the 2030s quantum computing will overcome current obstacles to full implementation and will have advanced significantly enough to replace classical cryptography.
  2. Powerful AI Software Development Tools In the future software developers will rely on powerful AI-driven software development tools to easily and quickly code projects.
  3. Anyone Will Be Able to Code Using Low Code/No Code Platforms In the 2030’s entrepreneurs will be able to develop a product without needing a team of software developers or even prior coding experience. Low Code/No Code platforms will allow anyone with an idea to create MVPs in record time.
  4. New Programming Languages Last decade saw the rise of new programming languages like Rust and Julia. In the next ten years there will be even more, especially Cloud Native programming languages and languages for Quantum Computing.
  5. Widespread Cloud Computing Cloud computing is already rising in popularity, but soon it will be persuasive and widespread, becoming the norm for software development.
  6. Rise of Artificial Intelligence In the 2030s AI will be fully integrated into society helping humans, not replacing them. Software developers will also utilize AI-driven operating systems and apps.
  7. Specialized Hardware It is clear that domain specific hardware offers many advantages over generic hardware and will continue to be a growing trend moving forward.
  8. Real Distributed SQL Real distributed SQL will be commonplace in the 2030s allowing for the dependability of SQL and the expandability of NoSQL.
  9. Unified Data Modeling Soon the problem of finding the best Data intensive tool for specific modeling will be solved with the unification of data intensive applications.
  10. Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology will continue to innovate until it is fully adopted into multiple industries such as financial services, music, copyright, real estate, and much more.

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