Tricentis' New Testing Tools for Developers

Written by Luis Paradela|Posted on December 19, 2022

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Tricentis, a tech company that offers testing and monitoring tools for enterprise software, recently launched two new testing applications, as well as an update for NeoLoad which measures the speed of enterprise apps.

Tricentis’ products are used by over 2,000 companies, including heavy hitters such as Microsoft Corp. and Accenture PLC, to make sure that their enterprise software platforms run reliably and smoothly.

The latest update to NeoLoad, now on its version 9.0, lets developers run speed tests on their applications to determine if there are any components that are loading more slowly than they should. It works by sending a series of simulated user requests to the app.

The tool for performance testing is called RealBrowser. RealBrowser automates testing by simulating clicks, button presses, and other user actions and tracking the time it takes for the app to respond. This saves time, hardware resources, and money compared to manual testing by the dev team and frees up the QA engineers to make faster progress on their projects.

NeoLoad 9.0 also debuts two new software testing tools for Jira and Salesforce, respectively. By using Tricentis Test Management for Jira, IT teams can track software testing projects via the interface for Jira, a popular enterprise project management platform. The new tool lists which reliability and performance tests need to be performed on an app update as well as expected functionality and visualization tools to monitor the results. Salesforce is a popular enterprise cloud platform used to manage data about business activities. It supports custom applications, and many companies layer their own app on top of Salesforce. Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce is designed to test the reliability of Salesforce-based apps, and it also works by simulating user activities. Developers can build custom workflows of automated activity using a no-code interface to simulate how the employees of their company use Salesforce.

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