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Written by Luis Paradela|Posted on March 3, 2023

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Distributed software development teams are increasingly being used by tech start-ups and companies instead of having their entire team gather together at the office. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of distributed teams and now remote work and distributed teams are becoming the norm. Without the constraints of teams having to meet in-person, companies can take advantage of the global talent pool and assemble a highly qualified team with limited resources.

Tips for Building a Distributed Software Development Team

When building your ideal distributed development team, company leaders should follow these tips and best practices:

  1. Use the same interview process for everyone: Use the same rigorous vetting process for each candidate, regardless of where they are located. Don’t use words like “outsourced” or “offshore” as this can create divisions in the team. Every team member should be treated equally and as an insider.
  2. Keep in mind time differences: Regular meetings like sprint planning or retrospectives are important to keep everyone on the same page. Be sure to consider different time zones when scheduling meetings and set clear agendas.
  3. Provide clear task descriptions and accurate time estimations: Make sure you use consistent and unambiguous language in describing tasks. Everyone who is involved in a project should participate in collaborative task estimation sessions. This will ensure accurate project estimations and timelines.
  4. Have a prioritized backlog: Create a product backlog and ensure everyone has access. Rank the items, with the highest priorities at the top. Research nearshore or offshore software development companies: Choosing to work with a nearshore or offshore company can save you time and money. Still, the goal is to ensure that remote professionals feel like they are integrated and part of the company.

The success of your tech product depends on a qualified and dedicated software development team. Focus on finding the right developers, regardless of location. Once your dream team is assembled, work hard to welcome and integrate your external workers into the company.

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