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Written by Scott Craig|Posted on December 19, 2022

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If your company is looking to step into the profitable but highly competitive digital arena, you’re going to need an outstanding custom software product. This involves developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers—a whole team. Luckily, there are established custom software development companies that you can hire to handle the whole project, from beginning to end.

Finding the right software vendor to partner with can be tricky, but here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Referrals From Peers

Start by consulting colleagues and peers in your industry. They might be able to recommend a reliable vendor.

2. Understand Your Specifications

Before starting talks with a vendor, it’s important to determine what technology you want to use – such as Windows, Linux, or Android, and any specialist technologies such as blockchain. Then narrow your search to vendors with expertise in these platforms.

3. Check Vendor Portfolios

Reputable software companies will show you a portfolio that explains the industries they have worked for and the methodologies they use, including testimonials from clients. Look for a vendor with proven experience in your industry.

4. Discuss Your Needs

Meet with the vendor to talk about what you need the software to do, your budget, and who will be the end user. They should explain how they are going to fulfill your needs and what is feasible or not.

5. Establish A Timetable

Discuss and agree on a delivery timeline with the vendor, allowing time for architecture, development, testing and any integrations. This should help keep your project on track.

6. Lines of Communication

Communication is important for a project-based endeavor like software development. Pick a vendor that speaks your language, works within your time zone, and has a dashboard to monitor progress.

7. Address Security Concerns

When drawing up the contract, make sure that any sensitive or proprietary data is legally projected, and confirm that the vendor has cybersecurity experts to safeguard the project during development.

8. Post-Launch Support

A good software development company offers continued support for your software after development is finished. Ask the vendor what services they offer in terms of maintenance, updates and bug fixes.

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