6 Useful Facts You Need To Know About Web App Development

Written by Luis Paradela|Posted on August 25, 2023

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Web application development is constantly evolving as companies seek to improve their online services and optimize the user experience. Ultimately, offering a better web app can give your brand an edge over the competition, so it’s worth paying attention to the current state of the market as well as emerging trends. Here are some useful facts to bear in mind when considering web app development.

  1. Search Engine Ranking Is Affected By Source Code – That’s right, web indexes such as Google’s actually read the source code of your site, which means that SEO practices should be baked directly into the code. Many developers are not SEO specialists and should be reminded of this fact or partnered with an SEO expert.
  2. Most Web Users Are On Mobile Devices – Recent research indicates that about two thirds of users access the web via their smartphones, so it’s important to optimize your website for mobile viewing and touch controls.
  3. The Average Website Lasts 3 Years – Technology marches on, and companies need to continuously update their web presence to keep up with the times. This can mean integrating new technologies or simply updating the UI to modern design tastes. The typical site lasts about 3 years before it needs a major overhaul.
  4. The First Impression Is Everything – In the fast-paced digital world, a user will judge your brand after just a few seconds on your site. That’s why user experience (UX) experts are a necessary part of your dev team, as they can help optimize it to be compelling to use from the get-go.
  5. Users Only Scan The SiteA recent study found that only 16% of web users actually read the text on a website. Most users simply skim it quickly. To account for this, websites should highlight important information and separate text into easily scannable chunks.
  6. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) Are Changing The Market – PWAs are a recent innovation in web development that combines the best features of websites and mobile apps. They load quickly, work well on any device, and have offline functionality.

Taking these facts into account when planning your web app project to offer your target user base the best possible experience.

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