Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing for Businesses

Written by Scott Craig|Posted on August 25, 2023

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Enterprises rely on IT for many critical business operations, from internal administration and workflow organization to customer-facing apps and web services, data transmission and security, and so much more. Additionally, all a company’s software must be kept up-to-date and secure in a fast-changing tech environment or risk falling behind the competition.

It’s no surprise then, that experienced software developers are in high demand and short supply, and the limited IT teams a company can afford are stretched to the limit. That’s why many businesses are turning to nearshore software development companies to achieve their IT goals.

Nearshore companies are those based in the Latin America region that offer their services to US clients. They come with their own experienced staff, required equipment and proven processes, and so can save the client money compared to attempting to develop the software in-house.

Advantages of nearshore outsourcing include:

  • Time zone alignment – Latin American companies are close to US time zones, allowing for smooth collaboration during a normal working day.
  • Convenient location – Flights to a nearshore location are faster and cheaper than visiting other outsourcing destinations, making it more convenient to have in-person meetings.
  • IP protection – Intellectual property can be difficult to protect in overseas partnership, but nearshoring offers clearer and more US-aligned IP law.
  • IT expertise – Nearshore locations can boast a strong IT industry, with access to top developers as well as the latest technologies, coding frameworks, and good network infrastructure.
  • Language proficiency – LatAm nearshore centers can boast a high level of English fluency, making communication much easier and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Choosing a Nearshore Company

When looking at your options for a nearshore software development company, it pays to research each candidate carefully, looking at testimonials from previous clients, the different services they have expertise in, and if they have previously developed software for your industry. These factors will help you choose a partner that is best for you.

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