Introducing Diego Varela, VP of Solutions & Delivery

Written by Mario Agüero|Posted on May 6, 2022

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AccelOne is thrilled to announce that Diego Varela will be joining the team as our new Vice President of Solutions and Delivery. Diego will be based out of our Bay Area office and will be working closely with all levels of the company to help support the teams and provide insight as AccelOne continues to grow at an accelerated pace.

Diego’s Journey

The Argentinian native started from humble beginnings, working cleanup at McDonald’s facilities in Buenos Aires and studying for his university exams after his shifts. Although always ambitious, little did Diego know at the time that he would be joining the next generation of Argentinian professionals blazing a trail in the global IT sector.

Diego’s occupational journey took him through various professional roles, from database administrator to developer, business analyst, and tester. In 2007, Diego became one of the first of 30 employees of Globant, a tech outsourcing company pioneered in Argentina but which has become a global and public company traded on the NYSE. Throughout 18 of Globant’s 19 years of operation, he saw the company grow from just 30 employees to more than 25,500 by 2021. Through its stratospheric growth, Diego learned what sort of people, practices, policies, and structure were needed to support the company as he rose from project manager to delivery manager to VP of delivery at the company. To this day, he fondly remembers the mentors who guided him through the professional and personal development that made him the sage expert that he is today.

Never one to get stuck in his comfort zone, the pandemic slowdown afforded Diego the chance to consider the next stage of his career. That’s when he met with Scott Craig (CEO and Co-Founder) and Mike Heindel (Managing Director of our Henderson, NV location).

In Diego’s own words:

“The values were clear: Transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. My meetings with Scott and Mike showed me that they weren’t just fancy words, but values that they actually practiced in front of me. AccelOne is a much more sophisticated organization than the typical outsource IT staffing vendor, and I saw an opportunity to really stretch myself with something bigger and more challenging than before.”

Inspired by AccelOne’s company values and excited by the prospect of leading the organization through its next stage of evolution, Diego became a member of the AccelOne team.

The Future of AccelOne

AccelOne specializes in the outsourcing of expert IT professionals, thanks to our cohort of experienced developers based in our nearshore office in Buenos Aires. Providing professional services of building solutions end to end, D2C, B2B, and B2B2C, we work with top-notch tech tools such as Blockchain, Flutter, React, Vue.js, and Python, accommodated through any cloud infrastructure.

Our experienced developers have contributed knowledge across a variety of different industries, including fintech, media and entertainment, health care, insurance, retail and e-commerce and e-Learning. AccelOne is poised to grow our talent pool and reach across the most exciting areas of the technology sector today and in the future because of it’s culture, mindset, and approach to creating solutions for leading global organizations and companies looking to change and improve how people buy, work, and exist.

Scott Craig boasts, “We are very excited and honored to be able to welcome Diego to AccelOne’s leadership team. Diego’s vast experience working within blended teams from the Americas in all areas of the software development delivery lifecycle makes him uniquely qualified as a technology solutions leader, but his passion and care to want to help make the things and people around him better make him incredibly qualified to align with our values and staff which embrace those values.”

As our new Vice President of Solutions and Delivery, Diego will be applying his passion and expertise to guide AccelOne as it becomes bigger and better than ever, while staying true to our core values. If you’d like to know more about AccelOne, our mission, and specialized services, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 800.863.6814.

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