Maximizing Your Nearshore Team's Potential

Written by Scott Craig|Posted on December 19, 2022

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For US teams that are looking to bolster their IT capabilities, outsourcing to Nearshore teams is a popular and affordable solution. This involves contracting a team of developers in Latin America to handle IT projects such as custom software development, systems optimizations or other tasks. Nearshore teams can be particularly useful to add specialists to your software project, for example, if you need experienced blockchain developers or mobile app designers.

Although the nearshore team works remotely, it still needs to closely collaborate with the client’s team for a successful project. If you take this approach, consider these best practices for getting the most out of your nearshore team.

Social Support and Communication

Your nearshore developers will likely be perfectly comfortable working remotely, even if working from home, but expectations should be communicated clearly in advance so that they can plan their work accordingly.

Two or three brief calls per day can do wonders to establish rapport and engage your remote workers, as well as providing opportunities to clear up any questions. Also consider some informal remote events, such as lunches or topical discussions, to build the relationship outside of the immediate task.

Competitive Remuneration and Benefits

Nearshore teams are often more affordable than US developers, but that doesn’t mean that their skills aren’t in high demand in your industry. Keep an eye on the nearshore IT market and make sure that your offers are in line with the going rates, or you risk being outbid by your competitors.

The bottom line is a powerful motivator for most workers, but you can also sweeten the deal with valuable perks. Remote workers may be attracted to a contract that offers employment benefits, such as paid vacation time and sick leave, or even a stipend for health insurance. A bonus structure could also provide a good incentive to excel throughout the project.

Getting the best performance from your nearshore team is a balancing act of financial and social support, but finding the sweet spot that works for your contractors will get the optimal results for your project.

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