Why Businesses Prefer Custom Mobile App Development

Written by Scott Craig|Posted on February 27, 2023

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More and more of our social and commercial activity takes place online these days, mainly via dedicated mobile apps on our smartphones. Most businesses that have any kind of online component offer some kind of app, and, with the app marketplace so crowded, companies are increasingly turning to custom software development to create apps that stand out from the crowd. But customer-facing apps are only one side of the story. Given how many organizations integrate remote work and business travel, custom enterprise mobile apps can offer a powerful competitive edge.

This typically involves contracting a reliable mobile app development services company to develop the app from scratch, building it according to the specific business goals of the client. This potential for customization offers several advantages over choosing an off-the-shelf solution for mobile development. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits:

1. Efficiency and Productivity

A custom enterprise app can combine the exact features you need in a single app, that would otherwise be spread out between several apps. It can also be designed to smoothly integrate with other apps that can’t be included in the main features. This greatly streamlines workflow and collaboration within the business.

2. Security and Reliability

Custom mobile apps are developed according to the security standards set by the client, and the software development company will usually include cybersecurity experts and QA engineers that can liaise with you to ensure a level of compliance appropriate for your business.

3. Scalability

Off-the-shelf applications are designed and priced at a certain scale, and usually cannot be scaled up or down at will. By commissioning a custom app, you can scale it at a level appropriate to the scope of your business, planning for future growth.

4. Brand Recognition & Advertising

A unique custom mobile app can be designed to effectively communicate the unique selling points of your business, raising brand awareness. It also allows you to send custom push notifications, personalized product recommendations, etc.

Plenty of companies exist that offer custom mobile app development services. If you’re looking for a software partner for your business, it is recommended that you choose one with experience working with your particular industry.

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