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Written by Scott Craig|Posted on December 29, 2022

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How long do we need to develop this mobile app? The truth is that building a complete app could take anything from one day to several years. However, the industry average is generally held to be around three to five months.

The mobile market is a very competitive one, and anything worth doing in mobile app development is worth taking the time to do right. But you can still save time and money by working efficiently.

Here are 7 tips to speed up your mobile development process—without compromising on results.

1. Market Research Proper planning helps a project get going right out of the gate. Start with researching and outlining your business needs, requirements, and target audience for the app. That way the developers start with clear goals.

2. Create an MVP Start with a minimum viable product (MVP), a basic version of your app with the most important functions available to users. These early users offer feedback that informs improvements for the final build.

3. Agile Methodology Developing an MVP works well within the Agile metholodolgy of software development, which focuses on the release of new features within short sprints within an ongoing iterative process.

4. Create cross-platform applications Android or iOS? Why not both? Capture a larger audience and save time by developing a cross-platform application than can be compiled for execution on both platforms.

5. Low-precision Wireframes Wireframes are a kind of low-detail visual sketch of the mobile app that developers use as a reference. Prioritize these in the design phase so that the devs have a unified vision to follow, but don’t overdo the details as it should be flexible.

6. Automated testing Manual testing is time-consuming and takes up developer time. It’s a good idea to minimize this by running automatic tests during development.

7. Hire Experienced Mobile Developers The above steps need a competent team to carry out. Fortunately, there are companies that offer expert development teams ready to go. Consider hiring one that already has experience with the type of app and industry you want to target.

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