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Written by Luis Paradela|Posted on July 21, 2022

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Software company JFrog Ltd, known for the JFrog DevOps Platform, has announced new functionalities for its application security SCA tool JFrog Xray. JFrog Xray has been updated with integrations with ServiceNow’s Lightstep Incident Response and Spoke, a suite of products for IT service management.

The JFrog-ServiceNow integration includes a comprehensive software composition analysis (SCA) tool that undertakes fast real-time monitoring of security vulnerabilities and compliance issues. It is designed to work across distributed teams and quickly alert teams to deal with issues in their early stages. This is in order to enable a quick and effective response from organizations, which may need to pull in team members remotely from various locations and departments. It works with ServiceNow’s Lightweight Incident Response, enhancing and broadening its functionality. When using ServiceNow’s Spoke with JFrog Xray, IT operations staff also have access to streamlined reporting, build scanning, and options for exceptions and custom items. It also automates certain workflows to automatically flag compliance issues when it comes to the use of open-source elements.

The main selling point of this integrated solution, dubbed ‘ServiceOps’ by the company, is that it offers an easy-to-use single-view platform that integrates with the workflows of the various roles that all have a part to play in addressing a security incident: IT sysadmins, security specialists, DevOps, site reliability engineers, and other relevant departments.

In this way, IT teams can pre-emptively address security issues before they become critical. JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim claims that this kind of collaboration is necessary to effectively secure software supply chains “at the speed of business.” The end result should be a faster and more coordinated security process across the entire software supply chain and development cycle, making it more efficient and cost-effective for clients.

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