Why Your Mobile App Needs AI Integration

Written by Luis Paradela|Posted on August 25, 2023

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Machine learning (ML) is a hot trend in the field of mobile app development. By incorporating algorithms that learn from usage, apps can offer higher levels of personalization, security, and utility. Here are three reasons why AI could give your app the edge it needs in the competitive mobile market.

Smarter Apps ML powers some of the most convenient features behind extremely popular apps, such as Google Maps, which uses its AI routines to ‘’figure out’’ the optimal route between two points, taking into account traffic, construction, accidents, bus schedules, and other real-time information. The ML model sources and analyzes data from many other users to achieve this feat, with a similar method being leveraged by Uber and other apps that deal with transportation or logistics. Machine learning based on large, ever-evolving datasets lies behind such feats as predictive texts, AI-generated images and texts recently made famous by ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, and natural language-based ‘‘conversations’’’ with virtual chatbots. If you want your app to work intelligently for its users, AI is a must.

Greater Personalization An app with ML learns from its use and can analyze this data to provide recommendations (products, content, etc.) that the user is likely to engage with. This increases user satisfaction and retention. Additionally, this information can also be used for more effective targeted advertising (make sure that they give opt-in consent for this). This aspect of machine learning is great for apps that offer multimedia content, or e-commerce apps that sell goods or services.

Predicting User Behavior As well as simple personalization, an app with AI can make intelligent suggestions based on user data. For example, a financial app can offer tips on how to save money based on spending habits. This is also useful for security purposes, as it can recognize abnormal behavior and potentially flag it as a security risk or request additional authentication.

If you are considering a new mobile app project, then it is well worth considering how integrating AI can benefit your product. A mobile app development services company can advise on the potential benefits and expenses of this approach.

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