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We’re a custom software development company that helps startups and global enterprises build interactive virtual reality apps for web, mobile & game consoles. Whether you want to create simulations for your products or processes, enhance data visualization and product interactions, offer training, or deliver next-level gaming experiences, our team of expert VR app developers can help you achieve your business objectives. We’re experienced in building VR apps across diverse industries.

Our team of highly experienced virtual reality developers offer end-to-end strategic solutions paired with unique skill sets and deep knowledge of the technical and creative aspects of VR. We understand the complexities of VR and have a track record of building successful apps through captivating experience design, high-quality 3D models, and seamless user interactions. As an industry-leading VR consulting firm, we’ll help you create compelling experiences that give your brand a competitive edge.

We have partnered with South America’s top VR educational institute, Image Campus, to provide top design and engineering talent for extended reality (XR) development projects at reduced costs.


  • VR App development for mobile, web & game console
  • Multi-device capabilities
  • Training, product demo and educational simulations
  • Medical simulations
  • Real estate VR tour creation
  • Tourism site VR visit
  • Museum and gallery tours
  • Augmented and mixed reality apps with real-world overlay
  • Multi-device capabilities
  • Virtual storefronts
  • Metaverse platforms
  • Gamification
  • Facial modeling
  • Facial and body tracking
  • Complex interactions
  • Haptic feedback integration


  • 3D artists
  • Character design specialists
  • Photorealistic design
  • Low-poly models
  • Game assets
  • Virtual environments
  • Mapping
  • Avatar creation
  • Animation
  • Digital art NFT creation
  • CGI advertising
  • CGI cinematic visual effects
  • Web3 content

Quality 3D content creation for VR apps

We provide expert 3D artists, designers, and character design specialists to create both photorealistic and low-poly models and virtual environments. Our technical artists and designers are versed in the latest design tools and follow developments in emerging technologies.

Custom VR App Development

We supply VR app development resources experienced in 20+ platforms across mobile (iOS and Android), desktop, web, and game console experiences with support on various VR devices including Oculus Rift, Google CardBoard, Microsoft Hololens, Steam VR, PlayStation VR and gear VR. And our software QA testing services ensure strong performance and security to validate your app before launch.

Virtual Reality Technologies

AccelOne creates virtual reality apps compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software platforms engaging across the spectrum of immersion.

Tethered VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Meta Quest)

The most immersive form of virtual reality requires a head-mounted display (HMD) connected via cable to a computer or gaming console that provides the necessary power for high-end graphics. The user has their movement tracked by external sensors for total immersion into virtual worlds. Handheld controllers are used for interactions. These premium VR platforms are ideal for complex, immersive video games and industry simulations (engineering models, training simulations, real estate, and architecture).

Standalone VR (Meta Quest, HTC Vive Focus, Pico Neo)

These portable all-in-one platforms provide the necessary computing power via an onboard chipset in the HMD. As such, they are capable of less complex experiences than tethered VR (though many standalone HMDs can also be tethered for flexibility), but are more convenient and accessible for the majority of people. Typically priced at a lower range than tethered VR, standalone VR is ideal for arcade-style games, business demonstrations, and social/commercial interactions in the metaverse (VR meetings, shopping).

Development Platforms

At AccelOne, we develop VR experiences and 3D models for a wide range of platforms using industry-leading toolkits such as Unreal 5, Unity, ARKit, and ARCore.

Virtual Reality Solutions for All Industries


Take your game to the next level with exciting, immersive graphics and body controls that will put players in the heart of the action.

Real Estate

VR property viewings, AR experimentation of layout or furniture placement.

Home Decor

AR placement of furnishings, colors, lighting, etc., for design or commercial purposes.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Experiment and model with VR prototypes for remote collaboration, training, or to save cost on materials.

eCommerce and Advertising

Boost brand awareness and sales with gamified advertising and digital storefronts with eye-catching advertisements through 3D models or VR product demonstrations.


Train medical practitioners via VR simulations that can model the complexities of the human body, or employ immersive experiences for psychological treatment.


From historical tours into the past to journeys through atomic structures or outer space, VR’s potential for immersive and engaging educational content is limitless.


Virtual preview tours of locations or hotels so tourists can try them before buying.


3D modeling of constructions that can be more accurately detailed.

Art and Entertainment

Create immersive 360-degree movies or artistic experiences with interactive elements.

Logistics and Transport

Train workers in safety, mechanical operations, and vehicles with immersive but safe VR simulations.


Try new clothing and makeup looks via AR overlays, design or showcase your latest products via photorealistic 3D models.

Military and Emergency Services

VR training environments provide a safe but effective way to train individuals for stressful or dangerous situations.

Metaverse and Web3

Create virtual real estate for metaverse platforms or 3D objects for use as NFTs in virtual economies.

Why Choose AccelOne for Virtual Reality App Development

AccelOne specializes in creating VR and AR experiences with high-quality 3D models to suit our clients’ needs in a way that brings tangible benefits to their mission rather than a tacked-on gimmick. With over six years of experience in the VR sector, our team of experts includes veteran designers, 3D artists, developers, UX specialists, and QA engineers ready to fully realize your project in accordance with your goals.

At AccelOne, we work to realize your goals and are committed to open and clear communication and first-class customer support throughout. Through a responsive and flexible development process, we work with clients to create a boutique solution that works best for them, including quality control, testing, and demonstrations along the way.

AccelOne is organized to save you money without compromising on quality, taking advantage of global talent that is still culturally and geographically aligned with your base. Through VR development, streamline your business processes and cut down on costs by adopting new technology developed by experts.

Meet Our Expert Developers

Senior Full Stack Developer
Córdoba, Argentina
Angular JS
Machine Learning
Salesforce Developer
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Visual Basic
Senior Technical Leader
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Microsoft Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR?
Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive computer-generated graphical environment that encloses the user in virtual space with computer-generated objects. The user can interact with the virtual environment via controllers and sensors and, to a certain extent, feels like they are ‘inside’ the digital world.

What is the difference between AR and VR?
AR stands for augmented reality. It overlays computer-generated objects over the real world via a screen and cameras, allowing 3D digital objects to be seen alongside your real environment.

What is a VR app?
A software application that contains a computer-generated 3D environment that can be interacted with by the user, whether by simply moving through the space, acting upon objects, even fighting or conversing with animated 3D game personalities or other user avatars.

Which industries use VR?
Virtual reality is used in a variety of industries, from cutting-edge video games and entertainment experiences to product demos at industry conventions, training and prototyping for science, engineering and architecture, and even medical and military simulation. In today’s digital world, the possibilities for VR and AR are endless.

What are the benefits of VR?
VR allows immersive experiences that are close to real but can be controlled as a computer-generated environment. This is not only exciting for games, but useful for training dangerous situations or experimenting with complex models. By interacting with digital objects in a visual and tactile way, we engage users, bypass language barriers, and allow a more detailed experience than text or static photos.

Which is the best VR platform?
The most graphically impressive and immersive VR experiences are created by tethered VR headsets connected to high-end computers, but this solution is also expensive. Depending on your needs, lighter and more portable platforms may be preferable, especially for a mass audience. For AR, many applications work well from a simple smartphone. As the best platform depends on what you want from it, consult an experienced VR development team for advice on which ones fit your goals best.

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