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We build custom software development solutions on time and within budget that get results.

In today’s connected world, a digital presence is indispensable for many businesses. Any digital app, website, or program needs software, and while off-the-shelf software solutions are available to purchase, these generic packages are not designed with your company’s particular needs in mind. By hiring AccelOne for custom software development, you get top-quality custom software designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of your business, as well as maintenance and support from developers experienced in coding for your industry.

As a trusted software development company , AccelOne is experienced in working on diverse projects across industries with every type of software problem imaginable. From web services and mobile apps to cloud solutions and product design, we pride ourselves in solving complex problems and delivering innovative, secure, and high-quality solutions to our clients – always on time and within budget. We work closely with you to define project requirements and then deliver quality code using the Scrum framework.

We work iteratively with you through development, deployment, and testing until your solution is fully integrated, functional, and aligned with your application’s users. Our company’s guiding principles of transparency, accountability and responsiveness are core to ensuring successful software development services throughout the continuum of the software development lifecycle and ongoing through product maintenance.

Our custom software development services


We build mobile applications for Android, iOS & Unity platforms, either Native (discrete to one platform) or Hybrid (cross-platform with web integration). Our experienced dev team will make sure that your mobile app is full-featured, responsive, reliable, and attractive, with UX and QA ensured to a high standard.


We create scalable and robust backend and desktop systems tailored to your exact needs, with experts in Node.js, .NET, Java, PHP & C++. These systems give you the tools you need to control and manage your software.


Leverage the power of the cloud for efficient computing, anywhere. But should you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or both? Our expert devs will construct a cloud computing solution to suit your needs using the best tools for the job.


With expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre-SQL, and MongoDB, we can build secure, stable, and user-friendly databases to streamline your company administration and manage information.

Enterprise systems

Complete the digital transformation of your company with AccelOne. Our experts will replace legacy systems with up-to-date tools without losing vital information, as well as manage complex and large-scale data and top-tier security controls.


Front end development covers anything that users interact with. It’s the digital face of your business. Using JavaScript, Angular JS, React & PHP, we build fast, reliable, and eye-catching customer-facing software to stand out from the crowd.

Our custom software development process

With custom software development, you have the opportunity to achieve a solution tailored precisely to your needs, rather than an off-the-shelf template that may not be a good fit. To achieve this, an organized, logical progression model is followed to make sure your vision is being followed and the software is secure, tested, and reliable.

  1. Outline Vision:
    Our experts consult with your company to clearly understand your business needs and software requirements as well as the project budget and timeline. At this stage, we will address any potential issues in advance, and outline a roadmap and communication schedule.

  2. Design and Prototyping:
    Our team designs the software UI and features according to your requirements, and builds prototypes to serve as proof-of-concept, assimilating your feedback along the way.

  3. Development:
    Taking on board what was learned in the prototyping stage, we develop your custom software product, with regular check-ins and an ongoing QA process to determine if any changes are needed.

  4. Testing:
    Our team will collaborate with all stakeholders to test the software and ensure that it works as intended.

  5. Deployment:
    Working together with your team, we help launch the product in your organization and address any issues to ensure a smooth rollout.

  6. Aftercare:
    Our team continues to provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support.

Technologies we use

Mobile Development

  • Android:
    Android’s 2.8 billion users represent 70% of the mobile market, but the ecosystem is fragmented over many different ecosystems and devices. Our expert developers will ensure that your app works smoothly across the widest possible user base.

  • iOS:
    Apple’s proprietary system has strict requirements and undergoes regular updates. We are experienced with developing iOS apps that meet Apple’s specifications for a hassle-free launch.

  • Hybrid:
    Combining our teams’ expertise, we can design a cross-platform app that works seamlessly across Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices, as well as the web.

Backend Development

  • Node.js
    JavasScript-based tool with a wide resource base that allows for rapid full-stack web development.

  • .NET
    Fast and lightweight cross-platform web development framework popular with enterprise systems.

  • Java
    Reliable and popular platform-independent programming language for a variety of web and mobile apps.

  • PHP
    Widely used programming framework that supports the biggest names in tech: Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and more.

  • C++
    Popular platform-dependent programming language used across a wide variety of industries, which can power complex systems and plays well with other programming languages.

Front-End Development

  • React
    The most popular front-end tool, with a vast library, stable performance, and great utility for web and cross-platform mobile apps.

  • JavaScript
    Highly versatile and popular development language for many kinds of software, JavaScript is platform independent and used in both front end and backend development.

  • Angular JS
    A popular Typescript-based framework with two-way binding that allows snappy synchronization of view and model versions of your web app.

  • PHP
    Reliable, widely used, and highly compatible with a variety of other systems.


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    A highly customizable cloud computing framework that enables a wider range of functions and has robust analytics and big data tools.

  • Microsoft Azure
    Works well with other Microsoft services and products, and is more compatible with a hybrid cloud solution.


  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Fast, secure, and comprehensive database solution compatible with on-site and cloud-based servers and conveniently accessible via mobile dashboards.

  • MySQL
    Fast, agile, and compatible with many other database systems, MySQL is free, open-source, and good for creating enterprise-level databases on a budget.

  • Oracle
    Cutting-edge technology with a massive range of features, but demanding hardware requirements.

  • Postgre-SQL
    Full-featured and highly scalable open-source database system that works with a huge variety of data types.

  • MongoDB
    Highly flexible open-source database construction kit ideal for handling unstructured data, MongoDB can store any type of information and is popular for Web Apps.

Benefits of an Integrated Approach

AccelOne delivers better custom software development services than what is typically offered by other companies. With offices across the U.S. and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have an incredible pool of expert, custom software developers who are agile, client-first, and dedicated to transparency.

Our nearshore development office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, grants us access to top-tier English-speaking resources at roughly 50% of the cost of US-based resources. But it’s merging the two in a “blended team” model that really makes AccelOne stand out. Our model allows us to employ a local software architect to lay the framework while leading a team of custom software developers in Argentina. It also enables us to hire a specialty developer for your unique project — all at lower costs without sacrificing quality.

Taking an integrated approach to your project, we’ll ensure that the work is completed economically and competently.




Industry Expertise


The healthcare industry is undergoing a phase of digital transformation, with patient data transmission, telehealth, and cross-platform patient portals. Our experienced devs have proven expertise in creating top-quality medical software that fulfills the strict HIPAA regulations for privacy and security.


Cross-platform online banking and payments processing to make it more attractive and convenient for your users to rely on your platform to buy things, pay bills and invoices, or exchange money.


Manage your digital store, inventory, and logistics with custom software that can handle payments, customer interactions, supply chain management, and more.

Social Media, Events, and Messaging

Connect your company and/or your customers, share information, manage events, workflows, and community interactions with user-friendly custom software.

Real Estate

Manage property databases or mortgage payments with custom software developed with the needs of the retail industry in mind.


Using industry-leading tools such as Unity, we create games and simulations for all platforms, from web mobile to desktop, with high-quality 3D graphics and complex interactions.

Food and Hospitality

Custom software can greatly speed up workflows in the hospitality industry, providing a platform for Point of Sale, bookings, orders, deliveries, staff management, and supply chain.


Build a custom software solution for streaming, sharing, discovering, or hosting music, videos, photos, podcasts, animations, etc., securely and quickly.

Blockchain and Crypto

Want to integrate blockchain functionality, including decentralized apps, NFTs, crypto tokens or smart contracts into your business? We can make it happen.

Virtual Reality

Take advantage of the latest in immersive technology to give your organization an edge in the upcoming metaverse, or to create highly engaging training simulations or e-Commerce showroom experiences.

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