A little over a year ago, a powerful partnership was formed. AccelOne, a custom software development company, officially united with Salesforce, the popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool, to offer its clients a next-level platform on which they could synthesize personalized experiences for consumers and maintain lasting relationships with patrons. While many other custom software development companies formed this same partnership with Salesforce in the past, working with AccelOne to utilize this platform provides companies with some unique advantages.

1 – AccelOne offers a wide variety of Salesforce services. While many other companies are Salesforce certified, they do not have the large span of services that AccelOne has to offer. For example, for clients who require the development and construction of highly technical software to support their CRM solution, AccelOne has Salesforce Architects available to help. From consultancy and integrations to staff augmentation and training, AccelOne offers everything your company could possibly need.

2 – AccelOne involves the client when making important decisions. When it comes to staffing projects, AccelOne sticks with the principle that the client always knows best. That’s why AccelOne presents clients with an assortment of different candidate profiles based on their unique requirements that they can choose from to complete their project. Working with AccelOne to construct your ideal Salesforce platform means that you have the opportunity to review and screen the individuals who may be responsible for fulfilling this task, allowing you to make a customized choice that will bring the most benefit to your company.

3 – AccelOne has superior software developer talent. Depending on where your company is located in the world, the United States or South America, AccelOne’s use of Argentine software developers can be considered either nearshoring or offshoring. However, regardless of the label, the associated benefits with the use of developers from Argentina is still the same. Given the unique education system and economic history of this nation, Argentina has an abundance of talented developers who typically graduate university with work experience and the ability to speak English, making them a valuable resource to companies both near and far.

In conclusion, making the choice to use AccelOne when constructing the Salesforce platform of your dreams is a decision that will provide your company with a wide variety of services to choose from, freedom in choosing the project staffers, and unparalleled development talent.

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can create its own Salesforce platform with the help of an implementation specialist, visit AccelOne online.

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