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Solve your toughest business challenges with our custom web application development solutions – from concept to code.

AccelOne is a hybrid US-Nearshore software development company offering custom web application development services across industries from e-commerce and fintech to blockchain and healthcare. Whether you’re looking to offer a customer-facing app, enterprise web application, or web portal, we can help you achieve your goals with a user-friendly solution that improves conversion and adoption rates.

Our process ensures that we deliver you a successful web application by first understanding your business objectives and users. Our expert web app developers and specialists work closely with you to define project requirements, create the architecture, and deliver quality code for your project using an Agile framework.

We work iteratively with you through development, deployment, and long-term maintenance to make sure your solution is fully integrated, functional, and aligned with your application’s users. This includes:

  • Intuitive UX crafted by experienced designers to prevent bounces and reduce the chance of user error.
  • An attractive UI that stands out from the crowd to boost user acquisition, retention and engagement.
  • Stable and scalable performance to guarantee a smooth and satisfying user experience.
  • Seamless integration with third party APIs to automate workflows and streamline productivity.

Our Web Development Services

With over 10 years of experience providing quality custom web app development services across a variety of industries, AccelOne has the expertise required to build advanced web apps to meet your unique needs.

We offer full-cycle and multi-platform web development services using the latest tools to build you a responsive, scalable and reliable custom web app that is fully aligned with your business needs. To reach the maximum possible user base we can build a solution that works seamlessly across all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and all web browsers and devices.

Enterprise web apps

A web app for your business can involve project and task management systems, CRM, accounting and financial management, knowledge and learning platforms, employee monitoring, company-wide intranets, and more. We can also build web apps that connect different enterprises, for example, B2B e-commerce web platforms. AccelOne excels in powerful end-to-end enterprise solutions for even the most complex businesses, like healthcare organizations with detailed electronic health record management, dense financials, and strict security compliance demands.

Customer-facing apps

From customer service contact centers, self-service websites, online stores, fintech or crypto platforms, and social content platforms to interactive chatbots, AccelOne can build engaging custom web apps designed to deliver a stellar user experience.

Web portals

Our expert web developers can craft any web portal you need, in a way that is intuitive to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Our solutions span patient portals for healthcare organizations, e-learning portals, partner/vendor portals for business collaborations, employee portals, or customer portals for retailers. Because these portals often store user information or login details, we also make sure that they are safeguarded with the highest cybersecurity protocols.

Responsive Web App Design

Ensuring your website scales content and elements according to different screen sizes is expected and critical for continued use. Our highly experienced UX and UI designers craft web apps that are visually appealing, unique, and intuitive to use.

Mobile-friendly solutions

85% of American adults use smartphones, with approximately 47% of web traffic in the US originating from mobile devices, and 3 in 20 Americans access the internet exclusively with smartphones. For too long, mobile was a second thought, and companies scaled down less functional versions of desktop websites onto dissatisfied customers, but that approach no longer works in our smartphone-dominated world. That’s why our web application development process is centered around a responsive, mobile-first design philosophy in which the mobile site is designed from the very beginning for excellence, aesthetics and functionality, so that both your mobile and desktop users enjoy a seamless, high quality experience.

Web App Development Team Augmentation

Supplement your existing team and quickly upscale production with expert specialists drawn from our US-Nearshore talent pool, including custom web app developers, designers and project managers. With our Online Candidate viewer tool, you can choose from talent that meets your specific needs and get a better understanding of the candidate’s skills, experience, and character.

Experts in the latest technologies

AccelOne’s talent pool includes experts in the latest emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, spatial computing, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. We use advanced web development knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge technology to craft web solutions that stand at the forefront of the current tech sector. If you need experienced developers familiar with new technologies to upgrade or future-proof your project, we’ve got you covered.

Web Application Integration

Web development solutions and integrations

Many modern IT systems rely on multiple software products communicating with each other, and interactions with third parties such as payment processors, social media platforms, and SaaS systems. Using custom APIs, we create web solutions that can integrate with a wide range of third-party systems, automating information flows and processes between different apps and services, whether they be part of your existing IT infrastructure or from other vendors.

Stable, snappy, and secure business operations

Whenever multiple systems are integrated, especially with some outside of your organization’s control, security and integrity of data being stored or transferred is paramount. Our cybersecurity experts have years of experience designing secure systems for large, complex enterprises using the latest protocols, so that your web application will not be compromised. AccelOne web app developers will also make sure that integrations and API calls are organized and prioritized in a way that keeps even a complex system running smoothly and quickly, streamlining the workflow in your organization.

Migrations and upgrades

Over time, updates and new frameworks can lead to previous integrations breaking or slowing down. Need your website or app modernized and overhauled to work with the latest tools or formats? AccelOne can conduct a full-cycle integration project to ensure good performance from your IT infrastructure well into the future.

Technology & Frameworks

Our senior technical managers have well over 100 years of combined experience in building scalable web applications in the latest frameworks for eCommerce, SaaS, APIs, CMS, social media networks, and more. The AccelOne talent pool includes experts in almost every popular programming language for web app development so that we can use the best tools for the job when it comes to achieving your goals.

We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies and frameworks to build fast, responsive, secure and versatile web applications including:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • ExpressJS
  • ExtJS
  • Angular JS
  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C++
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Our Custom Web App Development Process

AccelOne offers full-cycle web app development solutions, taking your ideas and building them into a fully realized product while maintaining client engagement based on our core values of accountability and communication. We’ve innovated several custom online tools to support this process and support close collaboration between all stakeholders.

Our full stack web development services team works within the Agile methodology, building quick iterations and reporting to clients regularly with the flexibility to pivot and upscale as needed.

1. Kickoff & Planning
Come to us with your vision, and our expert consultants will support you in defining the scope and requirements of your web project, assembling a crack team, and outlining a development plan to meet your goals.
3. Development
The bulk of the coding work takes place at this stage as our experienced programmers develop software to the highest standard, iterating quickly via the Agile method.
5. Deployment
AccelOne supports your staff throughout the launch of your website to ensure a smooth, hassle-free deployment.
6. Integration
Using custom APIs, we seamlessly integrate your web app or portal with a CMS and make sure everything works smoothly with your existing software infrastructure, automating workflows to improve productivity. Our integration experts can add new features to existing custom web solutions without an interruption of service.
7. Post-launch Support
Modern websites are living entities, and users expect improvement over time. Our commitment to you does not stop after the deployment, as we continue to provide technical support, updates, and maintenance for as long as you need.

Industries We Work With

For nearly a decade, we have been providing innovative web development services to startups and enterprises across a variety of industries around the world, building a reputation for transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in every project.

Boost sales and increase customer retention with a feature-rich, responsive website designed for maximum customer satisfaction by our UX experts, including engaging storefront features: payment processing, messaging tools, wishlists and item discovery, customer feedback and more.

The healthcare industry is adopting new digital tools to streamline their business and improve the patient experience, from electronic health records to appointment bookings to telehealth consultations. Because of strict data regulation in the healthcare sector, your web development company should be experienced with and certified in cybersecurity and compliance. AccelOne developers have a proven track record of creating top-quality HIPAA-compliant medical web solutions for leading hospitals.

Blockchain and Crypto
We have developed secure and user-friendly online cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain-based web services to offer the advantages of this emerging technology as well as more traditional web development solutions. Blockchain solutions we have worked on include smart contracts, dApps, decentralized governance, and more.

Social Media
Engage your users with a web app that includes social features such as messaging, profiles, file sharing and community groups for a true social experience.

Web-based games are easy to access and can draw in large user bases, but they don’t have to be basic. We have expertise in creating sophisticated entertainment experiences on the web with attractive graphics and compatibility across multiple devices.

We create feature-rich multimedia content delivery web solutions for music, videos, podcasts, animations, and photography. This includes functionality for hosting, recording, discovering, editing and sharing content.

Online banking, payments, and wallets are at the forefront of innovation in the modern finance industry. We design fintech web solutions with fast and secure money management tools for purchases, currency exchange, and financial services such as loans and mortgages.

Food and Hospitality
Online tools are becoming essential for success in the hospitality industry, from deliveries to bookings to accounting and supply chain management. Engage customers and increase revenue with a well-designed web app catered to your needs.

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