We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting EmprenDevs’ Hackathon in our Buenos Aires offices on November 11, 12, and 13th.

This Hackathon, sponsored by IBM, will be focused on Business + Innovation and challenges web, backend and gaming devs to come up with the most innovative web or mobile app within 48 hours.

In addition to some serious hacking, there will be key presentations by some of Argentina’s top developers:

  • All about Hololens*
  • Angular vs React*
  • Android Apps and iOS Iconic Framework
  • Agile Development and Dynamic with GeneXus for Responsive Web Applications and Mobile
  • Software Architecture in Mobile Projects
  • IBM Bluemix & Cognitive Computing

*AccelOne speakers

We are proud to be a part of this innovative software development community in Argentina and look forward to seeing the creative hack results!

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AI Optimization Disruptive Researcher – Chief Development Officer and CoFounder at AccelOne – Blockchain Certified Developer – Autonomous Cars Engineer – Industrial Engineer – McLaren Fan

My Tech journey started 38 years ago with a Yamaha CX5M Computer / Synth, and since then, I have had a nonstop career adding experiences in several industries and technologies. I am an AI researcher and Ph.D. student and the Chief Development Officer of AccelOne. I lead a team of passionate talent in software engineering services, which are delivered from LA to the US. I have a strong technical background with more than three decades of experience in complex project and team management in various areas, including product design and development in Entertainment, eCommerce, Retail, Logistics, Business Intelligence, and Financial Services. I was CTO of Axigma Technologies, managing mobile business and consumer development projects for brands, including The Marketing Store and C9W. I founded the computer training institute IEC, which provided training services in several different programming languages and design and animation tools. In 2005 I founded Routeck, a development software company devoted to special projects (such as open-source firmware programming), credit card reconciliation, and specific products for retail. I was Development Manager at Infinite Corporation, managing their iSeries and Web products, a former Senior Software Engineer at COTO, and a Senior Web Applications Engineer at HSBC.