A mobile app is a great way to engage consumers with your brand, product, and or service. Given the ubiquitous presence of smartphones in all aspects of modern life, mobile app development can be hugely profitable, even with the App Store and Google Play taking their cut.

Competition for user attention as they scroll through the app store is intense, and your app will need to be high quality to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to consider before you start developing an app for your business:

Identify Your Target Userbase

Who is this app for, and what problems will it solve for them? Market research will help here, as will developing a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be released to the public for early real-world feedback from users.

What’s The Value Proposition

Why should people use your app? How will it help achieve your business goals? It can make a process more convenient for users (such as how on-demand apps simplify the process of booking a taxi, hotel, or restaurant), or even offer simple entertainment, like a video game. Ideally, it should do this faster or more effectively than the competition. Your app’s name, color scheme, and layout should quickly communicate its value to new users, and a good UX/UI specialist should form part of your development team to make sure that it does.

Technology Framework

The technical underpinnings of your app will depend on the intended platforms for use. Consider:

  • Platform-Specific Native App: These are developed exclusively for Android or iOS, which can improve the user experience on the chosen platform, but limits your audience.
  • Cross-Platform Native App: Some frameworks can run on both platforms, making this a good choice for an app that targets a wide user base.
  • Hybrid App: These work on all devices and operating systems, making it very cost- and time-efficient to develop, although it loses out on the user experience of native app interactions.

Choose the Right Team

Ultimately, it is the talent of your development team, including designers and engineers, that make or break an app’s quality. Fortunately, there are many mobile development services companies that can offer talented individuals to either handle your development project as a team or supplement your existing staff. Services can cover everything from UI/UX design, custom software development, QA, security testing, porting and integrations, and more. By contracting experienced developers, you increase your app’s chance of success.

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