The world of software development may not quite be as fickle as the fashion industry, but there is a definite trend cycle, with certain tools and platforms becoming more popular and others falling out of favor. Although some purported innovations and disruptions do turn out to be over-hyped, most of the time when an industry practice is gaining popularity, it’s because it works.

The industry is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and security, and a company that adopts an improved methodology earlier than its competitors gains a valuable market advantage.

To find out what’s hot and what’s not, it pays to consult the experts. Here’s a quick rundown of the current trends.

What’s In


Kubernetes, Podman, and related tools are gaining traction, especially on larger projects like Gitlab. These are based on containerization, a new way of structuring software into different reusable containers with distinct responsibilities in powering the software.

Low-code Development

Growing in popularity since the pandemic, low-code development offers a means for less tech-focused business departments to build parts of the software they use, streamlining enterprise operations and placing less pressure on central IT departments.

Software Engineering Innovation Culture

Organizations are recognizing the value of their software engineers learning new skill sets, and enabling their engineers to change teams and roles with the support of the company. This way, the engineers learn new techniques and practices from across their industry and professional networks.

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