Managing your company’s customer relationships can be tough, and when it comes to selecting a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, there are often many questions involved. How am I supposed to implement my CRM? What information should I be tracking? Can I improve my customer service response times with my CRM? Luckily, there is one platform that can offer a simple solution to all these questions: Salesforce.

Salesforce as a Multipurpose Platform

While it is typically considered as solely a CRM tool, Salesforce can more accurately be described as a multipurpose platform. Through utilizing different product suites, referred to as “clouds,” Salesforce is able to solve various business-related problems. Each cloud focuses on a single company aspect: the Sales Cloud increases your sales team’s productivity to close deals, while the Marketing Cloud utilizes consumer data to more accurately target potential markets. By using just one or many of these clouds, companies can get the help they need to successfully manage their customer relationships.

Variety, Personalization, and Easy Integration

So, what makes Salesforce the superior choice for a CRM platform? First and foremost, the variety it provides. From the Commerce Cloud intended to boost online consumer conversion rates to the Productivity Cloud, which allows businesses to generate interactive documents with live sales data, Salesforce has a lot to offer businesses. Additionally, Salesforce is extremely flexible, with its platform customizable to fit the needs of any business, small or large. If the issues that a company hopes to address with the platform are large in both number and size, Salesforce can still easily accommodate the company. Another benefit of using Salesforce is that for more centralized implementations, Salesforce will act as the data center for convergence, replacing any other isolated or single-purpose systems. Thus, Salesforce will easily become integrated into the company’s main strategy.

Whether you are a first-time business owner searching for the right CRM for your new company, or a seasoned expert in the CRM field wanting to experiment with a new platform for your firm, Salesforce will provide not only the exact services you are looking for, but the best version of them that is out there.

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