The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications has driven many tech-savvy individuals to look into learning blockchain development. While there are expert blockchain developers for hire, some entrepreneurs have created platforms that make it easier for developers that are new to blockchain to build decentralized apps.

One such platform is Lisk, a blockchain app development platform launched by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in 2016 with the stated aim of “empowering more developers to build custom, scalable blockchain apps” by removing some of the main barriers to entry, including issues of funding and interoperability.The Lisk SDK (software development kit) is an open-source, user-friendly platform based on JavaScript and TypeScript. It offers a range of tools to enable developers to create blockchain apps without prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency. It includes a library of function elements that developers can select as building blocks for their blockchain app and a simplified UI (user interface) that includes a command line for coding.

Several apps have already been developed using Lisk SDK, including the Topas City metaverse platform and the Colecti NFT marketplace. Beyond the SDK itself, the Lisk ecosystem also offers services that provide desktop and mobile UIs for blockchain apps, as well as a blockchain network in which operators can establish nodes. Users can contribute to the development of Lisk by submitting suggestions via Lisk Improvement Protocols (LIPs).

The LSK Token And Cross-Chain Interoperability

Like other application-focused blockchain projects, the Lisk blockchain network is developing sidechains to facilitate communication between different apps (such as smart contracts) on the network, with the eventual aim of also enabling compatibility between Lisk and completely separate blockchains. Lisk uses its unique LSK cryptocurrency token for transactions and governance between apps on the network. The token is also used in a grant program that offers funds to develop or create apps using the Lisk SDK.

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