Technology is an indispensable part of any business in the modern global economy, but finding the specialized talent one needs to develop websites, apps, databases, etc., doesn’t always come cheap. Many organizations turn to offshore agencies, which offer ready-made teams of engineers or developers at a service cost. But the question remains, how best to employ offshore developers in the most cost-effective way? These are the things you should consider.

Identify the Size and Scope of the Project

The first step in budget planning is identifying all the objectives of your software project. A small-scale project has modest aims and requires little custom coding—as in, the developers will mainly integrate existing and easily available solutions.

On the other end of the scale, developing multiple apps or enterprise business platforms for different purposes that interact with each other and exchange sensitive customer data would require a larger team, the development of custom software, and strong security measures. Be realistic and clear about the scope of your project and the offshore agency will provide an accurate cost projection.

Ditch Unrealistic Goals

This stage involves analyzing your outlined goals and identifying the most cumbersome and costly aspects, such as what are the risks? Are they going to be worth it? Outside consultants may be brought in at this stage and help make cuts at the beginning that will stop the project from wasting time or running over budget in the future. This analysis should be done by a specialized team of UX/UI designers, QA engineers, and business analysts to create a clear scope definition for the engineering team.

Start QA (Quality Assurance) from the Get-Go

Hiring good software developers is of crucial importance, but businesses sometimes forget another equally important role in any development project: QA. From the beginning of any project, the offshore team should include QA staff that will be testing the product and giving feedback to developers and the client. Good quality control will save corrections, back-tracking, time, and money in the long term.

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