Assembling a quality team can be a daunting task for any organization. The process of creating and posting ads, scheduling and conducting interviews, and onboarding new staff takes both time and money, a resource cost that can be wasted if things don’t work out with the new employee.

There’s also the question of location. Casting a wide net gives a company access to a more diverse choice of talent, but relocating people can be expensive. Modern communication technology allows the possibility of remote work and access to a global talent pool via outsourcing, but time zone differences can make it difficult to collaborate with workers based in other countries.

One solution that offers the best of both worlds is nearshore hiring, in which an organization in one country (for example, the US) hires remote workers in a nearby country that has the same or similar time zone. In the case of US companies, this means hiring workers based in the Latin American region–Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and so on. Many of these countries share a cultural affinity with the US, and nearshore agencies offer candidates that are fluent in English for seamless communication.

The nearshore outsourcing model is particularly popular in the field of software development, as it allows US companies to access the vibrant IT sector in the region and hire experts in emerging technologies such as blockchain and augmented reality as well as mobile app developers, QA specialists, and UX designers.

Some forward-thinking software development services companies are now offering a hybrid US-Nearshore outsourcing model, which makes things more convenient for businesses by offering representatives such as project managers and team leads in a US office as well as a team in Latin America. The nearshore industry is developing fast, and an experienced nearshore development services company can save your organization time and money on IT staffing while providing the highest level of talent.

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