The client is a music streaming service that provides a means through which Christian hip hop and R&P (rhythm and praise) artists can share their music to a broader audience.


The client wished to increase their reach with a streaming app. Even though there were a few Christian music streaming apps on the marketplace, very few included Christian hip hop and urban gospel. It seemed there was no place for hip hop, rap, and R&P artists to express their personal beliefs regarding Christian life and give Christian listeners an alternative to mainstream secular music.


The client wanted to create their own streaming app which required a platform for a 24/7 music live stream. The app was to include the same information found on the client’s website, including videos and vast artist library.


Given the client’s lean internal structure, and non-profit nature, AccelOne sought to develop a high-quality app that would leverage the company’s core infrastructure (WordPress) and allow the client to maintain the majority of its own updates going forward.


AccelOne created an engaging app, with a user base that continues to grow, while adhering to the client’s defined brand image. The app allows artists to share their tracks and listeners to stream live music 24/7, available on Google Play & the Apple App Store. The app features the client’s vast library of on-demand videos, music, articles, and directory of highlighted artists.Through the app, users can access the client’s Christian hip hop directory, stay abreast of exclusive news and announcements, send messages to other app users, curate playlists and buy songs from those playlists via the Apple music store. With this solution, both time and budget constraints were met. as much as possible, and the app is live with a constantly growing number of users.

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