Introducing US/Nearshore Mixed Teams – A New Approach to Outsourcing

About fifteen years ago, a Chief Procurement Officer at a Fortune 100 company told me that human capital acquisition is about “Quality, Speed and Cost.” He quickly followed that up with “Pick two, because you can’t have all three.” That conversation has stuck with me over the years and with disrupting this experience in mind, AccelOne is thrilled to announce the completion of our transition to an innovative new outsourcing model—one that will bring improved quality, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to all our partnerships.

If you’ve followed us online, you may have noticed that AccelOne has expanded its US presence, opening offices in Nevada, Arizona, Orange County, and the Bay Area as well as developing our Seattle HQ.

Our new US/Nearshore mixed-teams approach sources excellent talent from all our US and Argentina offices, with the option to mix and match the most suitable team members from across two continents, according to their specialties and the client’s preferences.

Our US offices draw the best and brightest talent from the nation’s innovation tech hubs, while our Buenos Aires Nearshore office sources top developers from Latin America at a lower cost. As Argentina is also culturally and time-zone aligned with the US, all team members are able to work closely together in real-time. A mixed team can offer a strong connection to the US consumer market, ensure smooth communication in English, and a high standard of service aligned with the US tech industry, as well as competitive pricing.

The best of both worlds

This flexible approach allows a mixed-team composition to suit your needs. For example, a US-based UX designer who natively understands American consumer culture and markets can work with the main development team in Buenos Aires to minimize costs – along with a US project manager handling communications with your in-house team.

New faces at AccelOne

Our transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of two experienced and energetic new additions to our upper management. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce:

Lubo Popov
Director of Recruiting, North America

A veteran of the IT recruitment industry with over 20 years of experience in the business, Lubo will be bringing his keen eye for talent, commensurate people skills, and intimate knowledge of the tech sector to enrich our US-Argentina nearshore talent pool with the best and brightest from our new North American locations.


Diego Varela
VP of Solutions and Delivery

As our new Vice President of Solutions and Delivery, Diego will be based out of our San Francisco office and will be applying his passion and expertise at all levels of the company to help AccelOne scale up its business side to a sustainable delivery model that supports future growth.

What’s next for AccelOne?

With over eight years of experience providing technology solutions to industry-leading partners, we are proud to have built a solid reputation for quality service based on our values of Transparency, Accountability, and Responsiveness. We’d like to thank all our clients for your trust and confidence as we continue to support you with the talent you need to develop outstanding software, from start to finish.

If you have any questions about our new US/Nearshore model or wish to discuss any ongoing or future projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Michael Heindel
Partner and Managing Director at AccelOne

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