AccelOne Leads the Pack on Application Testing, Modernization, and Development According to Clutch

Our team here at AccelOne has some incredibly exciting news to share with all of you! Clutch just issued a press release where they listed us as one of the country of Argentina’s top application testing firms, enterprise app modernization firms, mobile app development workshops, UX & UI design firms, blockchain companies, IT staff augmenters, and more! All aspects of application testing, modernization, and development are essential to a growing business, and it makes sense to utilize one of the world’s top providers. That’s why we’re honored that Clutch named us one of their best application testing, modernization, and development firms! is located in the center of the District of Columbia, where their dedicated analysts independently verify each client review that they talk to. Then, their hard-working editorial team curates the content, ensuring that you have the best information when hiring B2B vendors!

We’re incredibly proud of our stellar rating on Clutch! With tons of reviews, we’re honored to be listed by Clutch as a leading company in the fast-moving field of application testing, modernization, and development. As one of the leading app developers in Argentina, we have numerous clients who praise our work on their site!

In a recent five-star review, the compliance manager at Xapo, Martin Apesteguia, praised our cash management system that we developed for his Bitcoin company. Our team here at AccelOne developed a reconciliation system to track and confirm customer transactions in multiple banks around the world. We designed the system so those transactions can be downloaded or accessed via APIs.

Martin Apesteguia of Xapo praised our work, noting how it helps to get transactions recognized more quickly so customers see the changes in their accounts faster than ever. The system also assists the accounting department with reconciliations. He calls out our talented team for being collaborative, helpful, and resilient with changes.

“They were great. They were autonomous, which is what I needed at the beginning. They were open and they integrated with us as a seamless team.” — Martin Apesteguia of Xapo.

Because of stellar reviews like Martin Apesteguia of Xapo’s, we’re also listed as one of the leading app developers in Argentina on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site!

We want to give thanks to our satisfied customers, Clutch, and our team! Let us know how we can help you with application testing, modernization, and development today!

AccelOne Opens New Office in Las Vegas

AccelOne Expands Presence in the US, Lands in Las Vegas.

On September 1st, AccelOne opened a new office on the southern outskirts of Las Vegas. The office is located at 1489 W. Warm Springs Rd. #110 in Henderson. Opening a second office in the US is testament to AccelOne’s commitment to growing their presence in North America and providing unparalleled custom software and staffing solutions.

Mike Heindel, Managing Director, Goes “All-In” On Las Vegas

Mike Heindel, Managing Director of AccelOne, will lead the new office. Mike has decades of experience in both domestic and international business growth and strategy and sees Las Vegas as a platform that will catapult AccelOne’s North American presence. AccelOne aims to partner with established and emerging companies in Las Vegas.

An office in Las Vegas allows AccelOne to reap the benefits of nearby tech hubs, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as continue to serve their clients seamlessly in partnership with their nearshore office in Buenos Aires.

Mike exclaims, “AccelOne is a great, fast-growing organization, with fantastic people who work hard and with the latest technology stacks. As companies all over the world look to tighten their fiscal belts, there is still work to be done. Having a nearshore option with experienced development teams and technical project managers really resonates with organizations of every industry and certainly resonated with me.”

Residents of Nevada’s neighbor, California, are leaving in droves in search of alternative locations with a lower cost of living. A few years ago, Mike and his family joined others in the exodus to find a new place to reside and work. They sold their home in Southern California and relocated to South America. When Mike and his family decided to return home to the US, after doing their due diligence, they decided to take a gamble on Las Vegas. Tech giants, Google and Amazon, have already bet on Las Vegas–Amazon has opened three fulfillment centers in the area.

Mike and other families like his that have moved to Las Vegas find that the quality of life is excellent. There is no state income tax, the cost of living is lower compared to California, and there are many business opportunities.

The benefits of having an office location in Las Vegas are numerous: lower market saturation, the potential for lucrative business partnerships (both with new and emerging companies in Las Vegas as well as companies in nearby California tech hubs), and access to talented software developers who have left California. Mike affirms, “We are looking to expand our local footprint, taking advantage of all the benefits this area has to offer, and become leaders in the growing local software industry.”

Las Vegas is Luring Tech Companies and Families

For decades, local and state officials have been looking for ways to expand Las Vegas’ appeal. Las Vegas made some effort to become more family-friendly in the 90s, but the 2008 recession was a wake-up call to those who thought that gamblers, regardless of their financial situation, would go to Las Vegas casinos during an economic crisis.

In 2012, Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ ex-CEO, founded The Downtown Project in order to fulfill his dream of transforming Las Vegas into a community-focused city where entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive, and it’s working. UNLV has partnered with the Gardner Company to open the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park (opened January 2020), an innovation and tech incubator space, and federal funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration has been allocated to StartUp Nevada, an incubator that funds and mentors companies to help them scale and get seed funding.

Mike and his family have seen first-hand that Las Vegas’ infrastructure is developing at a fast pace. After initially thinking, “Who lives in Vegas?”, Mike now boasts, “There are good schools and new ones being built every year, neighborhoods and parks where kids can play outside, a growing infrastructure, cost-friendly activities and mountains nearby where the weather is considerably cooler. It’s not far from several national parks like Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon…Now there are even professional sports teams with the Golden Knights (NHL) and the Raiders (NFL).”

Las Vegas’ international airport offers flights galore to California and soon there will be another option for convenient travel. A high-speed railway, XpressWest, that will connect Southern California and Las Vegas is expected to open in 2023.

AccelOne is Dedicated to Its Mission of Providing Custom Software and Staffing Solutions

As AccelOne expands its presence in the US, we continue to prioritize our commitment to companies in North and South America. If you have a business in Las Vegas, or are thinking of starting a business in Las Vegas, we’re excited to partner with you. Contact us or visit us at our new Las Vegas office to discuss your next software project.

1489 W. Warm Springs Rd. #110 | Henderson, NV 89014, United States of America

Should I Outsource Software Development? (5 Reasons Why the Answer Is Likely “Yes”)

Whether you’re looking to augment your existing software development team or are hiring a developer for the first time, finding the right people is one of the most challenging things your HR team and technical hiring managers will do. It’s also one of the most crucial steps toward the success of your software project.

Software development outsourcing (or nearshoring) is a way for companies to hire qualified, vetted technical professionals with less risk to the company, and at a significantly lower cost than hiring someone in-house within the US. Outsourcing technical talent for software development needs is an attractive option for many companies – and outsourcing development does not mean sacrificing quality.

Here are five reasons why outsourcing may actually be the best choice for your organization’s software development needs.

1. Lower Staffing Costs (But Same-Quality Development)

Perhaps the most obvious benefit: nearshore software development can often save an organization a significant amount of money. Nearshoring and outsourcing allow businesses to hire experienced, senior-level developers from countries close to home, but with significantly lower labor costs.

More and more businesses in the United States are outsourcing to Argentina, which is a software development epicenter in Latin America. Despite boasting very strong, internationally-recognized university technical programs and a huge workforce of talented developers, average salaries for development roles are much more competitive than in the US, meaning that US companies can hire a developer with the same level of expertise and same-quality output as a US-based developer for a fraction of the cost. Argentina is also time-zone aligned with the United States, culturally similar, and English proficiency is excellent.

2. Unmatched Ability to Hire Experts in Specific Technologies or Niche Industries

Every company struggles with difficult-to-fill positions – but trying to find a senior software developer with niche capabilities like blockchain and cryptocurrency development, or who knows how to work within complex legal requirements such as those around medical software development, is a staffing challenge unlike any other.

If you’ve been struggling to find a developer with a very specific skillset or specific industry knowledge, consider outsourcing. Agencies that provide outsourced software development generally have stronger recruiting capabilities than the average employer, which means that they often have exactly the skillset you’re looking for already – and if they don’t, they can usually find this person for you.

3. Reduced Productivity Risk

Outsourcing and nearshoring reduces productivity risk within an organization, and mitigates the financial risks that may be associated with increasing productivity. Particularly, having a huge backlog of tasks can have an enormous negative impact on productivity levels. Supplementing your workforce by outsourcing backlogged tasks or new projects allows your full-time staff to properly focus on other responsibilities.

At the same time, many companies may hesitate to outsource – especially business-critical tasks – because they worry that they won’t have enough oversight over the outsourcing company’s processes and procedures, or that communication with them won’t be as strong as it is among their own staff. But many outsourcing companies (such as AccelOne) make integration into the client’s existing team a key part of their service, and are able to use your team’s existing PM tools as well as adapt to your internal processes. AccelOne also offers outsourced technical project management, which, beyond proving project outcomes, makes communication with the client clearer and adds additional visibility into the project.

4. Reduced Hiring Risk

Growing your team is an exciting part of growing your business, but expanding your in-house staff can come with risks. Hiring an FTE (full-time equivalent) employee through a software outsourcing company mitigates many of the risks that may give the management team pause when it comes to hiring.

Working with an outsourcing company allows you to hire the staff you need without hours spent by your HR department, equipment costs, or any of the other costs associated with growing your in-house staff. Look for an outsourcing partner who utilizes tools like video interviews to help you screen candidates, and who allows your business to have a say in which resources are assigned to you.

5. Ability to Scale Hours (and Staff) As Needed

It’s common for work levels to fluctuate, and you may not be sure how long you’ll need your developer for, or for how many hours per week. Outsourcing may be a great option if this is your case, because you’ll be able to reduce or increase hours very quickly compared to recruiting and managing in-house staff.

If your outsource software development, your entire technical development team – from project management to coding to QA – can be outsourced. It’s also easy to scale the size of this team whenever needed.

And which time zone your outsourced team is located in does make a huge difference in your ability to scale up. Communication is often difficult when there are only a few hours per day of overlap between the work days of you and your dev team. Imagine checking in with your team at 10am your time, 5pm their time, and then realizing at noon that you need to meet again. If your dev team has already signed off for the day, you won’t be able to meet again until what would be the end of the next day for them. An entire day has been lost in communication.

Argentina is only 1-2 hours ahead of Eastern time, so outsourcing to Argentina means that you and your development team will be online for nearly the entire workday. Being in constant communication with them impacts your ability to work and grow the project enormously.


AccelOne rebuilt the breakthrough personal safety app for iOS and Android, which contains features designed to:

  • Protect users in unsafe areas: If the user feels unsafe, they can open the app and it will begin recording video and the user’s GPS location. The user can tap anywhere on the screen to automatically make a 911 call.
  • Prevent crimes from escalating: Tapping on the screen also sounds an alarm and causes the phone to emit bright light, which draws attention from others and makes it easier for the user to identify their attacker – this alone will cause many criminals to flee.
  • Facilitate contact with emergency response: In addition to calling 911 with one tap, the app also sends a text with the user’s location to pre-set emergency contacts.
  • Facilitate the capture and prosecution of criminals: Videos are stored to the cloud, meaning that even if your device is stolen or destroyed, video evidence of the crime will still be available.
The personal safety app is easy for people of all ages to use, including children.


The original version of the personal safety app was developed using legacy architecture for the back end and cloud infrastructure. This made the application complex for users to operate, lent a dated appearance to the app, and made use of an inefficient video processing server implementation. This inefficiency led to a slow video processing speed, as well as frequent failures. Some features were not working at all, and the original development team was no longer available to make improvements. The tech company that originally built the app brought on AccelOne to make usability improvements, fix features that were no longer working properly, update libraries and frameworks, and update the programming languages used to the latest versions. AccelOne needed to reverse-engineer the legacy architecture in order to rebuild the back end components.


AccelOne’s team consisted of four members:
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Senior Back End Engineer
  • Technical Project Manager
  • QA Engineer
The project was divided into two phases.

Phase 1:
The goal of phase 1 was to implement immediate, partial updates to both the iOS and Android apps in order to get key features working again. As it was a priority for the creators of the app to fix these features first, AccelOne designed a solution that would allow those fixes to be done as soon as possible, with more complex overhauls handled in phase 2. AccelOne created a new backend using Node.js and Express, which ran in parallel with the original legacy backend, which powered some features but not the entire app. Both backends used the same database. This fix helped get several of the broken features working again, but problems with video processing speed persisted, as well as issues with user signups. The AccelOne team had developed a plan to solve these issues in the second phase.

Phase 2:
After implementing the immediate fixes necessary in phase 1, the back end was fully rewritten in Node.js and Express, and a much more modern architecture for the app infrastructure was created. This improved the app’s performance greatly. To solve the video processing issues, a Node.js-based media server was created. Using Node.js for both the app backend and the media server improved efficiency by streamlining the development process and reducing the likelihood of file corruption or problems with slow processing as videos move from the app to the cloud. The iOS app was migrated to Swift 5. Libraries were updated, and all app screens were tested and prepared to display correctly on the latest iPhone model, which at the time was the iPhone X. Issues with videos and signups in iOS were also corrected. Despite the significant amount of work involved, phase two was completed in only three months.

QA Testing
The Quality Assurance (QA) engineer assigned to the project worked with the development team from beginning to end, testing at every phase in order to ensure the proper functioning of each feature and a smooth launch after each phase. The app has been monitored with a QA framework for crash and bug reporting, and has proven to be stable in all current models of iPhone. The once-problematic video media server has been working without issue, and is providing usage statistics.


AccelOne’s version of the personal safety application proved to be stable, scalable, and resolved the problems of the previous outdated version. The new Node-js-based media server solved all the video processing issues of the previous back end platform, which means that videos are now always available and are processed significantly faster than before. The old application code had been updated to all the newest coding languages and frameworks, making it easier to obtain support for modern versions of mobile operating systems. All features now work as expected, and thanks to these updates, the personal safety app platform is seeing new paying subscriptions every week. Additionally, as the app was updated for the latest model of iPhone, owners of this popular device now have a dramatically improved experience using the app. Because the code base for the app was migrated to the newest versions of its frameworks and languages, both the Android and iOS versions of the app are much more able to support modern versions of mobile operating systems.

AccelOne Announces Mike Heindel as Managing Director

SEATTLE, WA — July 7, 2020 — AccelOne, a leading custom software development services and staffing company today announced the appointment of Mike Heindel as its new Managing Director. Heindel’s focus will be on accelerating AccelOne’s growth domestically and internationally, including oversight of sales, R&D, and strategic initiatives. Scott Craig, CEO and co-founder, will continue to lead the organization and work with Heindel to identify opportunities for persistent growth and diversification of revenue streams.

“I’m very pleased to welcome Mike to AccelOne,” Craig said. “Mike adds strength to our leadership team with his entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record of success across multiple industries. His enthusiasm to implement strategic initiatives and take advantage of new market opportunities will allow us to experience continued growth with even greater confidence.”

Heindel is an accomplished creative leader with decades of domestic and international experience in operations, organizational strategy, business development, P&L oversight, investor relations, and marketing for both startups and Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and Amazon. He has a history of leading companies through amazing growth projections and successful outcomes. His expertise is in building teams, producing more efficient business processes and systems integrations, improving profitability, and solving complex business problems. Most recently, Heindel moved his family from the US to Uruguay to co-found and serve as CEO for GameOlic Development Studio, a video game development firm. In this role, he spearheaded operations and strategic direction including business development, publisher and investor relations, partner management, recruiting, human resources, legal, and finance. His adaptability and broad experience across business and tech enable Heindel to understand the unique opportunities facing AccelOne.

“I am thrilled to join the team at AccelOne,” Heindel said. “My goal is to increase growth and help with their transformation from not only a software development, staffing, and services company, but a holdings company, which creates and maintains assets for increased enterprise value. AccelOne has an excellent reputation for creating innovative, custom software solutions and curating highly skilled talent. The opportunity ahead is vast, and I’m excited to help lead the company toward future success.”

This news comes as the company expands its reach into new industries and increasingly attracts global clients. AccelOne’s focus remains on building custom software solutions and talent sourcing for a broad range of industries such as eCommerce, Media, cryptocurrency and blockchain, digital health, VR/AR, and many others.

About AccelOne

AccelOne is a recognized leader in custom software development and talent sourcing. Headquartered in the Seattle area, with a nearshore office in Buenos Aires, the company was founded by a team of senior business owners and operators with a shared goal of solving software development’s biggest challenge: delivering innovative solutions on-time and on-budget. The company provides business-intelligent, affordable work teams from both South and North America to solve client’s challenges through technology-based solutions using better communication, fresh ideas, and a devotion to transparency and accountability. From mobile apps to web applications, AccelOne creates cutting-edge solutions and experiences that people love. For more information, visit or call 800-863-6814.

Originally published on 24-7pressrelease:

About SousZen, the Industry-Changing Restaurant Software Developed by AccelOne (& Used by a Multinational Food/Beverage Corporation)

Anyone who’s ever had a job in food service knows how much manual administrative work can be involved in running the back of the house. Kitchen staff may spend hours a day doing inventory management via spreadsheets and whiteboards, and gathering data on what customers want.

AccelOne’s custom software development team architected and developed SousZen, a food service automation platform that digitizes food prep and pairs it with actionable, real-world data. We built SousZen in conjunction with their innovation partner Xinova, and with funding from a well-known American multinational food and beverage company (we can’t say who, but you likely have some cans of their products in your fridge right now). The platform allows restaurant operators and owners to collect real data on what people are ordering, and use it to run a more profitable business. Features include the following:

  • Automate inventory/supply chain management via records of what was purchased, what’s no longer fresh, and the ability to auto-order ingredients based on how much of that ingredient is used.
  • Learn what people are ordering and which combinations of ingredients are selling the best. With this data, restaurants can prepare new dishes based on real insights into what their customers want to eat.
  • Schedule and plan meal prep for large-scale food service operations, limiting the need for a chef at every location.

The system AccelOne designed contains an “ingredients” database created by us, with data units and equivalencies (e.g. volume, cups, metric, etc.) defined. Geolocation also allows multiple locations of a restaurant to be visualized, with data analyzable on a local, state, or regional level.

AccelOne’s Custom Software Development Process We started by assembling a technical team:
  • 2 Full Stack Engineers
  • 1 Technical Program Manager (TPM)
  • 1 Software Architect
  • 1 Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst

The technical team traveled to Mexico to meet with the client and the UX design studio hired by SousZen. AccelOne chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the application infrastructure, Reactjs and Redux for the user interface framework, and Nodejs plus Express as the backend API. We also exposed a REST API to make SousZen’s platform integrate with other systems.

Throughout the project, we employed Scrum methodology, which utilizes a weekly sprint system to produce functional software sooner than traditional PM styles. At the end of each weekly sprint, stakeholders met with the development and design teams and gave feedback, which was incorporated at the next sprint. The client elected to be heavily involved at every stage of development, and we were happy to comply with this request.

Outcome: Pilot Program at Chain of Gourmet Nacho Stands

The project was implemented in a pilot program at a well-known chain of stands and food trucks specializing in gourmet nachos.

Results included:
  • Effective replacement of paper-based documentation and data-gathering tasks
  • Removed manual annotations for the chefs
  • Replaced administrative manual procedures with a digital solution that gives business owners more information about what happens in their kitchens

With this data, the corporation overseeing this pilot program will be able to use data collected by SousZen to improve their menu offerings, marketing strategies, profits, and food safety. Learn more about this project by reading our full case study, or contact us online for more information on custom software development at AccelOne.

Why is Python the #1 Programming Language of 2019?

The IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, has been around in some form for over 150 years with the goal of supporting electrical, electronic, and computing professionals in their work. As part of these efforts, they release a list of the top programming languages every year, and Python took the top spot for the second year in a row – beating out Java, C++, JavaScript, and other top languages.

Their scoring is based on metrics from a variety of sources, including Google searches, social media, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Reddit, Hacker News, CareerBuilder, and IEEE online resources. In 2018 and 2019, Python easily walked away with the highest score, and has proven itself to be one of the most popular programming languages in the past decade. This is likely driven by its accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency, as well as the wide range of frameworks and toolkits which are perfect for developing the increasingly popular AI and deep-learning applications we see today.

Why Are More Companies and Developers Choosing Python?

Both execs and developers see a number of potential benefits to Python development. These include:

  • It’s easy to read: Because of its syntax that focuses on readability, developers of any level or language can easily read, translate, or interpret Python. This makes it less cumbersome and ultimately less expensive to maintain.
  • It’s easy to write: Python offers dynamic typing and dynamic binding options that allow the developer to write code similarly to how they would write their thoughts. And, if your programming team encounters a problem, it’s easy enough to find online resources to help them resolve issues.
  • Debugging is more efficient: In Python, there is no compilation step, so a bug or a bad input will not cause a segmentation fault. This saves time, reduces costs, and improves overall efficiency.
  • There’s a library for everything: Particularly in AI, but for all types of projects.
  • It’s versatile: Python can be run on almost any computer without having to change programs or operating systems. It can also be combined with a wide variety of frameworks to suit any project.
  • Low startup costs: All of the necessary tools to begin developing with Python are available open-source and free of charge.

Common Python Projects: Machine Learning, Backend APIs, and More

No matter how complex or how integrated, Python is scalable to any particular application’s needs because of the impressive number of specialized libraries available for it. It’s particularly well-suited to projects involving backend APIs, multiple system integrations, machine or deep learning software, financial sector software (including cryptocurrency & blockchain development), eCommerce software development, and many other custom web applications.

Questions about Developing with Python?

If you have questions about Python or developing a custom solution for your business with Python, visit our website for more information or contact us today. We’re happy to set up a meeting with one of our in-house Python experts to discuss your development needs.

AccelOne Recognized As A Top Custom Software Developer in Argentina

At AccelOne, we are dedicated to serving our clients with effective software development solutions. We serve mid-size to enterprise-level clients globally with our innovative development projects. We are excited to have been recognized as one of the leading custom software development firms in Argentina by Clutch!

As a research website for B2B service providers, Clutch curates lists of the best B2B providers in different areas of the world. In order to give us this award, Clutch looked at some of our completed development projects and also conducted interviews with our clients. After talking to our clients, Clutch realized our high-quality development work. Below is a snapshot on Clutch’s site of a review from one of our clients.

This client said that our “timely delivery, frequent updates, and constant communication made for a reliable partnership.” We strive to build high-quality software solutions by always delivering projects on-time and keeping open lines of communication with clients. We believe that receiving client reviews that praise these aspects of our business are a testament to everything we are working towards.

AccelOne has also been recognized on Clutch’s sister websites – The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a guide for businesses that compiles practical business wisdom about B2B services. AccelOne was featured on the 2019 list on The Manifest for top software development companies. Visual Objects is another resource for B2B companies that gives prospective clients a visual example of the possibilities for software development projects. AccelOne was also recognized in the directory on Visual Objects for our software development services.

An article from CIO explains that the most important aspects of project management are delivering on-time, staying in budget, and meeting the original project goals. At AccelOne, we are committed to ensuring quality results for our clients, that meet all of those goals. Receiving the award of a top custom software developer from Clutch helps us affirm that our software solutions are working. Contact us today for a quick chat about how we can help your business grow with custom software development solutions.

Considering Implementing Salesforce? Here’s 3 Reasons to Hire AccelOne for the Job

A little over a year ago, a powerful partnership was formed. AccelOne, a custom software development company, officially united with Salesforce, the popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool, to offer its clients a next-level platform on which they could synthesize personalized experiences for consumers and maintain lasting relationships with patrons. While many other custom software development companies formed this same partnership with Salesforce in the past, working with AccelOne to utilize this platform provides companies with some unique advantages.

1 – AccelOne offers a wide variety of Salesforce services. While many other companies are Salesforce certified, they do not have the large span of services that AccelOne has to offer. For example, for clients who require the development and construction of highly technical software to support their CRM solution, AccelOne has Salesforce Architects available to help. From consultancy and integrations to staff augmentation and training, AccelOne offers everything your company could possibly need.

2 – AccelOne involves the client when making important decisions. When it comes to staffing projects, AccelOne sticks with the principle that the client always knows best. That’s why AccelOne presents clients with an assortment of different candidate profiles based on their unique requirements that they can choose from to complete their project. Working with AccelOne to construct your ideal Salesforce platform means that you have the opportunity to review and screen the individuals who may be responsible for fulfilling this task, allowing you to make a customized choice that will bring the most benefit to your company.

3 – AccelOne has superior software developer talent. Depending on where your company is located in the world, the United States or South America, AccelOne’s use of Argentine software developers can be considered either nearshoring or offshoring. However, regardless of the label, the associated benefits with the use of developers from Argentina is still the same. Given the unique education system and economic history of this nation, Argentina has an abundance of talented developers who typically graduate university with work experience and the ability to speak English, making them a valuable resource to companies both near and far.

In conclusion, making the choice to use AccelOne when constructing the Salesforce platform of your dreams is a decision that will provide your company with a wide variety of services to choose from, freedom in choosing the project staffers, and unparalleled development talent.

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can create its own Salesforce platform with the help of an implementation specialist, visit AccelOne online.

Salesforce: Not Your Average CRM

Managing your company’s customer relationships can be tough, and when it comes to selecting a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, there are often many questions involved. How am I supposed to implement my CRM? What information should I be tracking? Can I improve my customer service response times with my CRM? Luckily, there is one platform that can offer a simple solution to all these questions: Salesforce.

Salesforce as a Multipurpose Platform

While it is typically considered as solely a CRM tool, Salesforce can more accurately be described as a multipurpose platform. Through utilizing different product suites, referred to as “clouds,” Salesforce is able to solve various business-related problems. Each cloud focuses on a single company aspect: the Sales Cloud increases your sales team’s productivity to close deals, while the Marketing Cloud utilizes consumer data to more accurately target potential markets. By using just one or many of these clouds, companies can get the help they need to successfully manage their customer relationships.

Variety, Personalization, and Easy Integration

So, what makes Salesforce the superior choice for a CRM platform? First and foremost, the variety it provides. From the Commerce Cloud intended to boost online consumer conversion rates to the Productivity Cloud, which allows businesses to generate interactive documents with live sales data, Salesforce has a lot to offer businesses. Additionally, Salesforce is extremely flexible, with its platform customizable to fit the needs of any business, small or large. If the issues that a company hopes to address with the platform are large in both number and size, Salesforce can still easily accommodate the company. Another benefit of using Salesforce is that for more centralized implementations, Salesforce will act as the data center for convergence, replacing any other isolated or single-purpose systems. Thus, Salesforce will easily become integrated into the company’s main strategy.

Whether you are a first-time business owner searching for the right CRM for your new company, or a seasoned expert in the CRM field wanting to experiment with a new platform for your firm, Salesforce will provide not only the exact services you are looking for, but the best version of them that is out there.