US-Nearshore Software Development

Outsourcing Done Differently: Our Unique Approach

Software is a crucial part of business in the digital age, essential to a company’s operations, product quality, and relationship with customers. Our mission is to support you in creating an innovative software solution that meets your specific needs and distinguishes your organization from competitors.

We do this by providing the talent and resources you need to develop outstanding software, from start to finish. AccelOne curates experienced (5+ years) talent for various roles – from mobile app and web developers to project managers, UX & UI designers and QA engineers – either as complete teams, or as smaller units or individuals to augment your existing staff. Thanks to our unique mixed teams approach to outsourcing, we can offer you the best talent for the job at the most cost-effective price.

US-Nearshore Mixed Teams

AccelOne offers a hybrid US-nearshore software development services model, where an organization can hire resources either from our nearshore base in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from our various offices in US tech hubs (Seattle, the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Arizona), or have a team curated from the most suitable candidates across all locations.

Nearshore Software Development with AccelOne

Contracting nearshore services means outsourcing your software projects to a highly-experienced and reliable team of developers close to home. With nearshore outsourcing, you’ll enjoy cost savings while working with a team close to your time zone and culturally-aligned with your in-house staff.

At AccelOne, our English-speaking developers in Argentina can augment your existing software development team, or cover the entire development process end-to-end.

Our access to top-tier software engineers in Argentina means that your project can be completed at roughly 50% of the cost of US-based resources, and with even better outcomes. Our “blended team model” — which involves employing a local software architect to lay the groundwork for your project, while overseeing a team of custom software development engineers in Argentina — is what makes our approach different.

Simply put, this model allows us to help you complete your digital transformation by hiring a highly-specialized developer for your unique project, at a much lower cost and with the same high quality that you’d get with a local developer.

The Best of Both Worlds

This means that AccelOne clients have access to a flexible model that accounts for clear communication, shared values, and cost-efficiency. Buenos Aires is a star of the growing Latin American tech scene, where high standards of education and computer literacy combine with a lower cost of living to offer opportunities to hire experienced software developers at a fraction of the cost of their US counterparts.

At the same time, the US tech scene remains the global focus for innovation and new trends. Having our US-based talent on your team can help keep your finger on the industry pulse, but also ensure smooth communication and the highest standard of service culture enjoyed in the US tech industry.

This flexible approach allows a mixed-team composition to suit your needs. For example, a US-based UX designer who natively understands American consumer culture can work with a main team in Buenos Aires to keep down development costs, with a US project manager leading the team and handling communications with your own representatives.

The Problem with ‘Outsourcing as Usual’

Software often represents a significant investment for a company, and outsourcing is a popular solution to save on costs. However, typical outsourcing to Asia and Eastern Europe comes with several pitfalls, such as significant delays due to time zone differences or poor communication due to language and cultural differences. Both of these can lead to delays and misunderstandings that increase the cost of a software project. Most outsourcing companies, even nearshore ones, do not offer US-based team members, so they cannot bridge many of the gaps.

Clear Communication, Responsive Service and Cultural Alignment

Transparency is one of our core values, and when you work with us, you can enjoy seamless communication with your team, managed via a dashboard that lets you monitor project progress and stay in control of its direction. Our developers work within an Agile framework, with an emphasis on frequent iterations and real-time feedback.

All AccelOne talent, no matter the location, understand and communicate fluently in English. Our US agents offer the added benefit of native fluency and familiarity. All our teams are very familiar with, accustomed to, and positioned for remote work, using the latest technology and security protocols. With clear communication and understanding guaranteed, we are best placed to create software that fulfils your goals.

Argentina also benefits from three advantages as a nearshore location:

  • Time-Zone Alignment – Within 1-3 hours of US locations – no 12-hour delays waiting for your team to answer a query!
  • Cultural Affinity – Among all the Latin American countries, Argentina has historically been aligned with ‘Western’ and US cultural attitudes and values.
  • High-level security – Argentina and the US both enjoy high standards of data security, supported by legislation and industry practices, that other countries don’t offer.

Flexible Solutions

We provide staff according to your requirements, with the flexibility to scale up if necessary. Our Agile methodology and adaptability enable one or more of the following approaches:

  • Full-cycle Project Development – AccelOne curates a complete team to create your product from scratch, all the way from concept to deployment and post-launch support.
  • Staff Augmentation – We provide the talent you need in a certain area, such as QA engineers, consultants, backend developers, blockchain experts, or whatever skills you require to quickly expand your technological capabilities or expedite your product to market.
  • Hybrid Approach – Our experienced consultants can advise on how your organization can best staff and execute a development project, providing key resources in the concept and initial stages, with the flexibility to add more personnel down the line if you are satisfied and wish to proceed.

Why Work with Nearshore Developers?

When thinking of outsourcing web development services, India, China, and Eastern European countries most often come to mind. This is because these countries have historically been able to provide tech talent for the lowest prices. However, due to the recent economic downturns in Latin America, Argentina is quickly rising as a top location for companies to outsource development projects.

Large US corporations, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies all utilize Argentina as a source of technology development resources. Some of the reasons that make talent from Argentina so attractive include a large pool of educated candidates (university education is free), strong English skills, cultural and time zone alignment, and low costs.

We provide a highly educated workforce that can be employed at half (or lower) of US costs.
Our teams in Argentina are located in the Western Hemisphere, making them easily accessible during your normal business hours.
Argentina is a low-IP risk country not recognized as a cyber crime hotspot on any reputable list of countries where hacking originates.
All of our developers have at least 5+ years of experience and the vast majority of our team members have far more.
Due to cultural similarities, developers in Argentina have a superior understanding of US and western business practices and expectations.
Our developers in Argentina work in Agile project management teams, allowing you to work with them in real-time.

Case study: Argentina Vs. India

Our nearshore software development company was hired by a global real-estate company to augment their existing development teams in India on a custom software development project.

After just 6 months on the project, the client determined that our nearshore developers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were consistently surpassing the performance of India-based developers by 300%, using only 1/3 of the development resources.

As a result, our Argentina software development team was able to replace the Indian team and save the client both time and money on their project.

Nearshore Software Development

Trusted by the best

Their role has been a critical component to our project delivery model. We value not only their skills and abilities but also enjoy the day-to-day work with what we consider an extension of our own team.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is nearshore software development?

Nearshore software development is the process of delegating projects to external service providers in countries with a minimal time difference compared to your in-house team’s time zone.

What is the difference between offshore and nearshore outsourcing?

The main differences lie in the time difference, the cultures of your two countries, and the capacity for real-time communication between the nearshore development team and your in-house team. In a nearshore environment, your in-house team and your nearshored development team will generally be within 3 hours of each other. The nearshore team will share much of your culture, and you’ll be able to communicate with them in real time. Whereas in an offshore environment, communication is done in batch due to dramatic time zone differences, and cultural differences can be significant.

Why is there offshore development?

When we think about outsourcing software development services, regions like India, China, and Eastern Europe are what most often come to mind. This is because these countries have historically been able to provide tech talent for the lowest prices. But Argentina is rising as a top location for nearshore software outsourcing and offers similarly competitive pricing.

What are the benefits of nearshore software development services?

Having a team with a similar culture and with whom you’re able to communicate in real-time makes the development process smoother and development cycles shorter. Deliverables will always be in line with the customer’s requirements, and interactions and iterations happen naturally, as an extension of the company teams.

What is a nearshore dev center?

A nearshore dev center is a facility where a nearshore software vendor hosts its teams. How can a nearshore software outsourcing service help your business? Through fluid communication, easy interaction, and fast iterations, the nearshore software development process can always support your business’ needs on-time.

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