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We provide senior-level, English-speaking, nearshore software development services for custom mobile and web applications. From our Argentina software development center in Buenos Aires, our engineers work in real-time with our US-based clients to ensure the highest quality work at the lowest possible cost.

Why work with nearshore developers?

When thinking of outsourcing software development services, India, China, and Eastern European countries most often come to mind. This is because these countries have historically been able to provide tech talent for the lowest prices. However, due to the recent economic downturns in South America, Argentina is quickly rising as a top location for nearshore software outsourcing.

Large US corporations, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 countries all utilize Argentina as a source of technology development resources. Some of the reasons that make talent from Argentina so attractive include a large pool of educated candidates (university education is free), strong English skills, cultural and time zone alignment, and low costs.

We provide a highly educated workforce that can be employed at half (or lower) of US costs.

Our teams in Argentina are located in the Western Hemisphere, making them easily accessible during your normal business hours.
Argentina is a low-IP risk country not recognized as a cyber crime hotspot on any reputable list of countries where hacking originates.
All of our developers have at least 5+ years of experience and the vast majority of our team members have far more.

Due to cultural similarities, developers in Argentina have a superior understanding of US and western business practices and expectations.
Our developers in Argentina work in Agile project management teams allowing you to work with them in real time.

Case study: Argentina Vs. India

Our software development company was hired by a global real-estate company to augment their existing development teams in India on a custom software development project.

After just 6 months on the project, the client determined that our nearshore developers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were consistently surpassing performance of India-based developers by 300%, using only 1/3 of the development resources.

As a result, our Argentina software development team was able to replace the Indian team and save the client both time and money on their project.

Trusted and Appreciated Custom Software Development Company

Their role has been a critical component to our project delivery model. We value not only their skills and abilities but also enjoy the day-to-day work with what we consider an extension of our own team.


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