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We develop high performing and feature-rich mobile apps across all major platforms and devices.

AccelOne is a leading mobile app development company that provides a complete suite of services to B2C and B2B clients across multiple industries. Our full-cycle mobile app development services cover the entire process from ideation and concept to delivery and ongoing support.

Whether you’re a startup or enterprise, we have extensive experience building innovative mobile app solutions that deliver a seamless user experience, build brand equity, and encourage business growth.

Our expert team of mobile app developers is proficient working with all major technologies and tracks emerging tech to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We can assign application architects, UX/UI designers, and senior-level software engineers who can build your iOS or Android app natively, or by using a cross-platform framework such as IONIC, React Native or Unity.

End-to-End Mobile App Development Services

We provide full cycle mobile app development from planning all the way to maintenance and support.

Consulting/Project Planning

Our mobile app development experts advise clients to help them define strategic goals that are in line with their needs. During the project planning phase, our team creates a roadmap with a detailed timeline and blueprint to product deployment.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

A well-designed mobile app retains users with a friendly and intuitively-designed user interface that offers a seamless experience. Our UI/UX team are experts in design principles for both Android and iOS.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers are highly experienced and skilled in developing both native and hybrid cross-platform applications for iOS and Android.

Maintenance & Support

After product deployment, we provide maintenance and support for the release of new features and versions of the app.

We’re Experts In Mobile App Technologies

Our mobile app developers are highly experienced in creating apps across multiple platforms and technologies, including iOS, Android, Xamarin, and more.

iOS Application Development

We create both native and web applications on iPhone SDK using our expert knowledge of the Apple platform and various components involved in the iPhone and iPad app building framework. As a full-cycle mobile app development company, we also provide support for publishing in the iTunes Store, ensuring the whole process is seamless and transparent.

Android Application Development

Our team of Android designers, architects, and developers build rich, innovative, and cost-effective Android applications utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform. They can explore the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of mobile application development tools and build dynamic applications like games, media players, picture editors, organizers, and messengers, which ensure compatibility with multiple Android-powered devices.

Xamarin Application Development

Using Xamarin, our team of senior mobile app developers can build native Android, iOS, and Windows apps using a shared C# codebase. This enables you to use the same IDE and language everywhere. All of our Xamarin experts are also native mobile developers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently override Xamarin code and optimize the native apps when needed. This ensures the best possible performance from the final application, completed in an efficient, cost-effective way.


Our development process

1. Project kick-off
During the project kick-off phase, our client manager, project manager, and lead developers meet with the client’s management team to discuss their specific needs and the needs of their user base.
2. Project scope definition
When scoping the project, our lead developers work with our clients to understand all of the key elements that need to be considered when developing the app, such as the requirements, components, and integrations.
3. Project planning
Once all of the key elements are defined, our mobile app experts begin creating a strategic roadmap and timeline for the development process.
4. Mobile app development
Our mobile app developers get to work, and start developing the app.
5. QA testing
QA performance testing is applied after each phase of development is completed to ensure that the app functions properly and without glitches.
6. App launch
The app is deployed on the Apple and Google stores.
7. Support and Maintenance
After the app is deployed, we provide maintenance and support, especially in the case that a new feature or version of the app is released.

Why Choose AccelOne For Your Next Mobile App?

For nearly a decade we have been developing next-generation mobile apps for startups and enterprises. Our innovative solutions provide a stellar user experience and allow brands to accelerate their digital transformation while encouraging growth. Clients across a wide range of industries trust us as their mobile app development company of choice because of our deep expertise, proven success, and adherence to the highest security standards. We understand our clients and the problems they’re solving and are committed to transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in every project.

Trusted by the best

Their level of commitment to the project and our company is truly special. They were willing to collaborate and integrate with other teams. They were always open and flexible. It was amazing.


Client Success

Our success is dependent on our clients’ success. Join an amazing roster of companies from startups to enterprise organizations who trust us as their mobile application development company.

Meet Our Mobile App Development Experts

Our team of mobile app developers consists of senior-level QA testing engineers, back-end developers, native and cross-platform programmers, and UI/UX experts. Our team delivers cutting-edge mobile app solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality and security.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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FAQs About Mobile App Development

What is the difference between a web app and a mobile app?

Mobile apps can be used on any mobile device, so this includes both mobile and web apps. However, when we talk about mobile apps, we tend to refer to native apps that are coded for a specific device, such as an iOS or Android device, and that are downloaded to and run directly on that device.

A web app refers to an app that is accessed on an internet browser and can be mobile responsive or adapt to whichever mobile device you’re using.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

How much it costs to build a mobile app depends on a few factors, such as the platform the app is built on, the complexity of the app’s features and design, and where the design team is located (working with a nearshore software development company can ensure that you receive a high-quality solution that is also cost effective).

According to surveys conducted by Clutch, VDC, and Kinvey, the average cost of developing an app ranges between $100,000 and $300,000, but this cost could go as high as $500,000 for a fully custom app with many capabilities.

Which language is the best for mobile app development?

Many different languages are used for coding and developing mobile apps. The language used to develop an app depends on the operating system (iOS or Android), the kind of app being developed (native or cross-platform), and the functionality of the app. Some of the most popular languages used for mobile app development are:

  • Java: Java is one of the most popular mobile app development language among developers because it allows for object-oriented programming. It is mostly used to develop Android apps, but can also be used to develop iOS apps.
  • Flutter: Flutter allows developers to create cross-platform mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Learn more about the benefits of using Flutter, here.
  • Python: Python is considered a universal language that can be used for a wide range of functionalities in mobile apps. It offers versatile and dynamic coding options for developers. Learn more about the benefits of using Python, here.
  • Swift: Swift is an intuitive language used to develop native mobile apps for Apple devices

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