Medical Software Development

We partner with healthcare organizations to provide senior-level developers with healthcare software development experience to deliver custom solutions for the medical industry.

Healthcare application development

Our software development company has extensive training and experience in the healthcare industry and are well-versed in HIPAA compliance and secure data solutions to meet all of our clients healthcare application development needs.
  • Hybrid mobile apps and web-based applications (including patient portals and CRMs)
  • API Integrations
  • Custom enterprise healthcare applications for hospital organizations
  • UX/UI design and prototypes for healthcare.

HIPAA Compliance

Our resources are trained and experienced in working with HIPAA regulations which gives us the unique capability to ensure compliance while developing healthcare applications.
In addition to strategy and development, we can also provide auditing and oversight of a healthcare application’s security compliance, as we do in our partnership with client Bridge Patient Portal.

Build with confidence


We work in real-time with frequent iterations and continuous reviews from you.


Enjoy 100% transparency with custom project tools including your custom project dashboard, e-mail alerts, and daily scrum invites.


Ensure seamless integration of your web application into your business organization or other financial organizations through the use of custom built APIs.


We take a user-centric approach to drive more rapid and enthusiastic application acceptance and adoption.

Trusted by the best

Their level of commitment to the project and our company is truly special. They were willing to collaborate and integrate with other teams. They were always open and flexible. It was amazing.


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