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We’ve got the industry’s most talented JavaScript developers.

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand programming languages for a broad range of software development projects. Whether you are looking for JavaScript developers for web development, mobile, servers, or anything else–we’ve got you covered. AccelOne is a full stack JavaScript development company with a talent pool that includes pre-screened top developers with expertise in Node.js, Angular.js, React, Express, MongoDB, and all other current JavaScript frameworks. Senior-level developers are available from our US and Nearshore offices to supplement your own team or build a product from scratch.

Services We Provide

AccelOne curates teams of senior-level talent for both large- and small-scale software projects, with the flexibility to start small and scale up. If you’re looking for a Javascript software development company that offers custom JavaScript development services, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert developers can craft full-cycle solutions from concept to code—come to us with an idea, and we’ll put together the right people to make it happen.

Alternatively, you might just need one or a few specialists to supplement your team, in which case we will find the best match of resources to support your goals, whether from the US or our nearshore office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our JavaScript software development services include:

  • Mobile Apps: We offer JavaScript app development services to create feature-rich, fast, and reliable mobile apps designed for the best user experiences.
  • Front-End Web Development: JavaScript is particularly suited for websites, enabling eye-catching web platforms with a range of features.
  • Back-End Web Development: Get secure and scalable server-side development with our Javascript experts.
  • JavaScript Integrations: We build custom integrations with third-party APIs to add features, improve efficiency, solve conflicts, and ensure compatibility between all your systems.
  • Custom Enterprise Software: Off-the-shelf software is inefficient and rarely cost-effective in the long run. Let us help improve your workflows and productivity with custom software designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Level Up Your Software: Modernize and improve your existing software tools with the latest features, integrations, designs, and processes. Improve productivity and maintain compatibility.
  • IT Staff Augmentation: Boost your IT capabilities with Javascript specialists to quickly upscale a project or expedite a product.

Technologies & Frameworks We Use

Our expert JavaScript developers are well-versed in creating highly dynamic and responsive web applications. JavaScript enables incredibly fast, intuitive interfaces that can be quickly developed with superior quality results. As one of the most popular programming languages, JavaScript is extremely versatile and usable for almost any webpage or app, and offers an extensive library of community-created resources.

In addition to the core JavaScript frameworks, we work with clients who want to build in the most current technologies, including:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • ExpressJS
  • ExtJS
  • Angular JS
  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C++
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Our JavaScript Software Development Process

AccelOne offers full-cycle software solutions, taking your vision all the way to a fully functional product. Our full stack JavaScript development services team works with an Agile methodology, reporting to clients regularly with the ability to adapt quickly and scale up as needed.

Discovery & Planning
Come to us with a vision, and we will support you in defining the scope of the project and setting out an achievable plan to meet your goals.
Design & Prototyping
The first steps before development involve considering the human element. We will develop mock-ups and prototypes based on the end user’s needs.
Keeping in mind what has been learned from prototypes, we develop software to the highest standard.
Our expert QA specialists go the extra mile to extensively test throughout the development phase for optimal reliability and security.
AccelOne supports your staff throughout deployment of your software to ensure smooth integrations.
Maintenance & Support
Our commitment to you goes beyond launch, as we continue to provide technical support, updates, and maintenance.

Why Choose AccelOne as Your Javascript Software Development Company?

Brilliant Talent
To match the best talent to your project, we follow a rigorous hiring process and only work with senior-level IT professionals who have deep expertise in their field. Our teams use advanced remote work methodologies, communication technology, and security systems.

Our mixed teams approach allows you to select resources from North and South America to support your needs at competitive rates. We prioritize delivering the highest standards of service with teams who are culturally and time-zone aligned with the US.

Accountability Culture
We pride ourselves on fostering a transparent and accountable work culture. Our work processes are facilitated by a unique productivity monitoring app that we give to all clients. This tool allows you to check on progress, give us feedback, and monitor your project in real time. You can always expect honest and timely responses to your questions and feedback.

Innovative Solutions
JavaScript isn’t just for websites. With AccelOne, you have the option to stay ahead of the curve and innovate with the most exciting developments in tech, such as blockchain and virtual reality.

Flexible Project-Based Development
We offer full-cycle, end-to-end project development from concept to code, à la carte staff augmentation, or a mixture of both depending on the evolving needs of the project.

The US and Argentina both have high standards for data integrity and cybersecurity, supported by legislation and industry practices, that other outsourcing locations may not be able to guarantee.

Client Success
As a trusted full stack JavaScript development company, we’re proud to have worked on custom software solutions and integrations for industry-leading businesses across a variety of applications: crypto, IoT, banking, e-commerce, aviation, gaming, healthcare, and more. We’ve built a strong reputation and consistently deliver solutions on-time and within budget. Read what our clients are saying on Clutch.

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