Cryptocurrency Software & Blockchain Development

Our senior-level developers have exceptional cryptocurrency software development & blockchain development experience that’s trusted by one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms in the world.

We build custom software that enables companies to utilize cryptoassets through purchase and trading. We are experienced in building secure platforms for the trading, reconciliation, and clearing of Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Whether you need your cryptocurrency or blockchain application to gracefully interact with internal systems or consumers, our developers can customize a product to meet your requirements. Our team understands the nuances of data security and usability as it applies to cryptoasset platforms and product development.

Our cryptocurrency software developers

AccelOne’s cryptocurrency software design and delivery team has been trained to master the following skills:

  • Understanding of blockchain technology
  • Understanding of principles of cryptography
  • Integration with cryptocurrency exchange brokers
  • Understanding of crypto user-experience and appreciation for optimized crypto user interfaces
  • Ecommerce integration and implementation with new payment methods
  • Reconciliation of transactions
  • Basic accounting concepts
And use the following platforms, libraries, and SDKs:

  • Linux
  • Node.js and Python platforms for processes and integration
  • Transaction generation with most popular currencies SDK for Python and Node.js
  • API (RESTFUL and Web services) to integrate different systems
  • Docker containers

Cryptocurrency software & blockchain development services

System Integrations

At our software development company experts at building secure, complex integrations between multiple systems. An integration can enable existing, new, or legacy systems to handle deposits, transfers, transformation of one digital asset into another, and more. We have experience building custom integrations for:

  • Mobile apps. Build integrations with wallets or other platforms for payment processors, banks, exchange integrations, and other digital fintech systems.
  • Live wallets. One wallet with multiple addresses, which is constantly updated using a system where all operations are sent with regular APIs. This allows other systems to interact with the live wallet the same way they would with each other.
  • And other platforms.

Value Tracking

Where a mobile app offers multiple different currency options and the ability for users to retrieve or exchange funds, the system needs to be able to track and balance the liquid funds being stored internally in order for the customer to complete transactions successfully. A value tracking system defines the amount held safely offline in cold storage, and in what currency.

Exchange Integrations

Our experience allows us to build exchange integrations for banks and financial institutions that allow the exchange of one digital coin for another, or the ability to trade fiat money for digital assets. We’re also able to build integrations between other systems and an existing exchange integration (such as Changelly).

Mobile Apps/Platforms

Our mobile app development experience allows us to build apps that depend on digital assets, such as enabling mobile payment from peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies or providing unique and value-added features only to users who hold a particular asset.

Wallet Development or Integration

Build a wallet that meets your company’s unique needs. We’re able to work with businesses that have built a custom system and require a wallet to go with it. By creating an open-source model, we’re able to adjust it to the coin you need, which is especially valuable for someone developing a new currency. We’re also able to develop desktop apps to accompany a wallet. If you already have a wallet, we’re able to build integrations between existing wallets and any other system. A wrapper allows users and other systems to make and check transactions in an extremely secure way.

Distributed Applications (“DApps”)

Unlike traditional apps, which run on one system, distributed applications (also known as “DApps”) are built within a blockchain: they run on multiple systems at the same time, allowing multiple users to access the app at the same time, and allowing the app to continue to run if one component goes down. DApps can allow users or systems to interact with smart contracts, which are self-executing and require no external enforcement, making them a secure way to trace and track transactions of digital assets or digital goods.

Secure cryptocurrency software delivery

AccelOne is strongly committed to creating software that’s both highly functional and highly secure. We work with third-party partners that are leaders in the cybersecurity market, both in the US and in Argentina. We take precaution to both protect our client from an attack on the internal workings of their app, as well as to ensure that users take proper security safeguards, which include:

  • Highly-secure hosting measures, which apply key security standards into the software itself;
  • Secure, encrypted communication channels;
  • VPN software to secure resources;
  • A cross-team code review process;
  • Code quality scanning using the SonarQube continuous inspection concept;
  • And code scanning with Snyk for enhanced security.

Build with confidence


We work in real-time with frequent iterations and continuous review from you.


Enjoy 100% transparency with custom project tools including your custom project dashboard, e-mail alerts, and daily scrum invites.


Ensure seamless integration of your web application into your business organization, or other financial organizations, through the use of custom built APIs.


We take a user-centric approach to drive more rapid and enthusiastic application acceptance and adoption.

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