The Boston- and Tel Aviv-based company formerly known as WhiteSource has a new name and a new vision for its services. The company, now rebranded as Mend, is focusing on security in what CEO Rami Sass has labeled a “new journey” as a “bigger and different” organization that offers the “industry’s first automated remediation for custom code security issues.”

Whitesource, founded in 2011, first made its name as an open-source software composition analysis firm. Mend, by contrast, will offer a comprehensive integrated security platform intended to be broadly applicable to the variety of cyberattacks that can threaten modern companies.

Over the past year, Mend has raised a total of over $75 million in funding to fuel its evolution into a cutting-edge security firm, a process which included the acquisition of Croatia’s DefenseCode and Germany’s Xanitizer, both firms with proven track records in cybersecurity. Mend has also highlighted its intention to further develop its channel relationships, including with other reputable cybersecurity companies, such as GuidePoint Security and Defy Security.

Mend’s current financial figures are unknown, but the company claims an over 800 percent growth in revenue during the last three years. In the same period, it claims to have added over 350 new customers. Mend currently serves over 1,000 customers, about 25 percent of which are Fortune 100 entities according to the company’s latest statements.

In a recent press release, Mend described how cyber attackers increasingly target applications as the main vulnerability of large organizations, which puts a lot of pressure on the security industry to deliver more effective software at a faster rate. Mend’s services are intended to automatically reduce harm from attacks on the software side, secure the application, and buy developers time to deploy solutions.

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