There are millions, maybe even billions of web and mobile applications in rotation today. Companies like AccelOne are in charge of testing these apps before hitting the market to check for any errors and other changes. Founded in 2013, our team has been serving mid-size to enterprise clients globally. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality results that arrive on time and within your budget

Today, we want to focus on our company’s latest achievement which is a prestigious Clutch award. We were named as one of their 2021 leaders in Argentina. According to their team, our application testing services were above and beyond the industry standard and consistently broke clients’ expectations.

Here is Founder and CEO, Scott Craig, for a few words of acknowledgment:

“Speaking on behalf of the team, we appreciate this accomplishment and are excited to know that our clients continue to value our services in this competitive climate. I am so proud of what the team at AccelOne has achieved in a short period of time and feel extremely empowered by the experiences our clients are receiving.”

We are also thankful for our clients and partners for always believing in us and for entrusting their business to our hands. You’ve been incredible and we wanted to say that we appreciate all your support.

Let us know how AccelOne can help you grow your business. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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AccelOne is an industry leader in custom software development services across the entire software product development lifecycle. AccelOne uses a hybrid approach with experienced onshore/nearshore professionals located in the Americas.