Our team here at AccelOne has some incredibly exciting news to share with all of you! Clutch just issued a press release where they listed us as one of the country of Argentina’s top application testing firms, enterprise app modernization firms, mobile app development workshops, UX & UI design firms, blockchain companies, IT staff augmenters, and more! All aspects of application testing, modernization, and development are essential to a growing business, and it makes sense to utilize one of the world’s top providers. That’s why we’re honored that Clutch named us one of their best application testing, modernization, and development firms!

Clutch.co is located in the center of the District of Columbia, where their dedicated analysts independently verify each client review that they talk to. Then, their hard-working editorial team curates the content, ensuring that you have the best information when hiring B2B vendors!

We’re incredibly proud of our stellar rating on Clutch! With tons of reviews, we’re honored to be listed by Clutch as a leading company in the fast-moving field of application testing, modernization, and development. As one of the leading app developers in Argentina, we have numerous clients who praise our work on their site!

In a recent five-star review, the compliance manager at Xapo, Martin Apesteguia, praised our cash management system that we developed for his Bitcoin company. Our team here at AccelOne developed a reconciliation system to track and confirm customer transactions in multiple banks around the world. We designed the system so those transactions can be downloaded or accessed via APIs.

Martin Apesteguia of Xapo praised our work, noting how it helps to get transactions recognized more quickly so customers see the changes in their accounts faster than ever. The system also assists the accounting department with reconciliations. He calls out our talented team for being collaborative, helpful, and resilient with changes.

“They were great. They were autonomous, which is what I needed at the beginning. They were open and they integrated with us as a seamless team.” — Martin Apesteguia of Xapo.

Because of stellar reviews like Martin Apesteguia of Xapo’s, we’re also listed as one of the leading app developers in Argentina on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site!

We want to give thanks to our satisfied customers, Clutch, and our team! Let us know how we can help you with application testing, modernization, and development today!

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