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Our senior-level engineers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience building a wide range of global blockchain solutions.

AccelOne is a full-cycle blockchain software development company, offering blockchain services with various industry applications. As a trusted blockchain development company, we help you work more efficiently while minimizing risks and strengthening traceability and security. Our team prioritizes quality, user experience, advanced security, and speed in the development process.

Blockchain Software Development Services At AccelOne

Distributed Applications

Unlike traditional apps, which run on one system, distributed applications (also known as “DApps”) are built within a blockchain: they run on multiple systems simultaneously, allowing multiple users to access the app at the same time and allowing the app to continue to run if one component goes down. DApps can enable users or systems to interact with smart contracts, which are self-executing and require no external enforcement, making them a secure way to trace and track digital assets or goods transactions.

Blockchain Wallet Development

A blockchain wallet is a cryptographically secure digital wallet that allows users to store, send, receive and exchange cryptocurrencies of various kinds from a public address. Our team is experienced in creating secure digital wallets to work within both crypto and non-crypto financial activity.

NFT and Tokenization Platform Development

NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, refer to digital objects (e.g., an image, video and audio recording, or game item) with a unique identifier on the blockchain that cannot be duplicated. This creates a one-of-a-kind item, and NFTs have recently exploded in popularity as digital collectibles, status symbols, proof-of-identity, and artworks.

Metaverse Development

The metaverse refers to the next evolution of the Internet with greater interactivity and decentralization. Sometimes referred to as Web3, it combines social media, virtual reality (VR) gaming, e-commerce, and productivity in immersive shared digital spaces. Blockchain is meant to secure privacy and identity in the metaverse, with NFTs as tradeable objects and smart contracts securing elements such as digital land rights. As an established blockchain solutions company, our talent pool includes experienced VR and e-commerce developers, making us an ideal choice for integrating blockchain services with metaverse platforms.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contracts are programs stored on a blockchain that automatically execute when conditions are met. When one party fulfills an obligation (e.g., payment for a task), the other party is deployed without the involvement of either party. This saves time and eliminates doubt. Smart contracts are used in DeFi (decentralized finance apps) for blockchain banking and work collaborations, and logistics.

Why Choose AccelOne for Blockchain Development Services?

Experienced Developers with Integration Expertise

AccelOne’s blockchain developers have extensive experience working in crypto and a proven track record of integrating blockchain with fintech and cybersecurity systems. Our team creates full-featured software for blockchain projects that enables smooth, reliable functioning of payments, wallets, DeFi, smart contracts, DApps, transfers, and other blockchain services.

End-to-End Development

AccelOne is a full-cycle blockchain software development company to take your project from ideation to launch. Experienced with C++, Java, Javascript, Node.js, and more, our team develops your blockchain, creates crypto tokens, builds full-stack solutions for your organization and users in the form of high-quality web and mobile apps, and takes care of integrations. The result is a complete, reliable, and secure blockchain system at a lower cost than competitors.

Trust and Transparency

Communication is key to successful software development. With AccelOne, you don’t just hand over your project to strangers and hope for the best. Get to know the experts working for you using our Candidate Viewer tool, and keep track of project progress through our custom dashboard that lets you monitor timelines, activities, and communications in real time.

Quality QA

AccelOne’s experienced QA specialists will thoroughly test and improve your blockchain system from the early stages to deployment to ensure that your product meets the privacy, security, and reliability standards essential for a blockchain project.

Maintenance and Support

Our services don’t stop at the product launch. Be confident in deploying your new system, as our team will be available to support and troubleshoot for as long as you need after your product goes live.

Expertise in Ethereum

AccelOne’s blockchain developers are experts in building on Ethereum, the most successful blockchain development framework. The Ethereum network is an open-source distributed platform that serves as a framework for creating blockchain projects, which include everything from cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, NFTs, and metaverses. Many of the top blockchain projects, including Decentraland, Uniswap, Chainlink, Aave, OpenSea, and Axie Infinity, are based on Ethereum.

More Than Just a Blockchain Development Company

Our developers deeply understand blockchain and experience in digital banking, data integrity, security, and gaming. We leverage our full range of talent across North and South America to build you a comprehensive blockchain product that also plays well with traditional centralized systems. We use the latest technology to offer the most exciting innovations in the blockchain space, such as smart contracts, NFTs, and metaverse experiences.

Our Blockchain Software Development Team

At AccelOne, our senior-level developers specialize in the following technology stacks for blockchain app development including:

  • API (RESTful and web services) to integrate different systems
  • Docker containers
  • Linux
  • Node.js and Python platforms for processes and integration
  • Transaction generation with the most popular blockchains SDK for Node.js and Python
  • Cloud services

Case Studies

DeFi Organization

A team of our blockchain, fintech, UI, and cloud computing experts are currently constructing a custom software system from scratch for an innovative DeFi company that offers crypto-based lending and company funding, secured by the blockchain and powered by smart contracts. Read More

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

AccelOne created the core reconciliation engine to power the transactions for a prominent cryptocurrency exchange service. Our software integrates all the banking and cryptocurrency elements required to carry out transactions on the exchange. Read More

Blockchain Software Development Process

As a leading blockchain software development company, we build solutions according to your organization’s needs, taking into account the range of desired features, security, and integrations with your systems. We can also create new web, mobile, and cloud infrastructure that may be required for your blockchain to function smoothly. Whether large or small in scale, development follows a logical structure to ensure that the software develops toward your goals, on time and within budget.

  1. Define goals and assign duties: We work with your organization to understand your needs and define the goals of the blockchain system. Our consultants will advise you on technical specifications and highlight any potential issues in advance before assigning the best talent to your dev team. A roadmap will be provided for you as well as our communication platform.

  2. R&D: We conduct research and outline how we will implement the proposed features for your blockchain project. A UI will be developed at this stage, and prototypes will be created for early testing and client demonstrations.

  3. Development: Integrating knowledge gained from previous phases, our team develops your blockchain product and any associated software (such as backend, web, or mobile platforms) with a simultaneous QA process to squash any bugs or problems on the way.

  4. Testing: A thorough testing phase ensures that your blockchain product will be stable, secure, and reliable before launch.

  5. Deployment: Our team works with your company to manage a smooth launch of your blockchain software.

  6. Support and maintenance: AccelOne will continue to support any software we have created for you in the long term, monitoring performance and security and addressing any post-launch bugs.

Blockchain In Your Industry

Blockchain is a relatively new technology associated with cryptocurrency but it is becoming increasingly employed in other industries. AccelOne is proud to be the blockchain solutions company of choice for a range of industry-leading clients. Here are a few of the sectors that we are experienced in helping achieve their digital transformation goals and how they leverage blockchain.


With the growth of the DeFi industry, finance is being rapidly transformed by blockchain. Not only does blockchain allow faster and cheaper transactions (especially international ones), but smart contracts can automate financial processes such as loans, insurance, and investments. The security provided by a blockchain ledger also protects against fraud.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Data integrity and interoperability are crucial to the healthcare industry, which deals with vast amounts of confidential patient data. Blockchain technology can reliably secure this data for authorized persons while making it quickly accessible for doctors and patients, speeding up waiting times and diagnostic procedures.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Using blockchain in the supply chain can cut unnecessary paperwork and manual interaction by storing and updating price, date, location, quality, certification, and all the necessary bookkeeping involved in the process. As in other industries, blockchain reduces fraud and human error while increasing accountability and transparency, saving a company time and money.


Blockchain ledgers’ decentralized and encrypted nature makes the record permanent and almost impossible to tamper. This makes it extremely useful for democratic governance, especially with smart contracts to ensure that things voted for are automatically executed. Many crypto projects use this kind of governance, and democratic organizations in the wider world also incorporate these methods.


Because all the computers on a blockchain network can operate independently, blockchains are highly resistant to cyberattacks and even insider tampering. They make good platforms for storing and validating identity and clearance levels for anything requiring special authorizations and handling sensitive data.

E-commerce and Retail

Both online and retail vendors have benefited from partnering with blockchain software development companies to combine payment processing, inventory management, product descriptions, and supply chain management into one fast and secure system. This streamlines processes, resulting in higher conversions and customer satisfaction. The integration of cryptocurrencies also eliminates banking fees and opens up new global markets.

Media and Entertainment

The uses of blockchain in the entertainment sphere are varied. New publishing systems and royalties are based on blockchain for fairer and more transparent monetization for musicians, filmmakers, artists, and other creatives. Blockchain can make target advertising more effective by making consumer profiles more accurate. NFTs can also be used to monetize media brands, engage audiences, and provide secure ID for ticketed events.


The gaming industry is huge and adopting blockchain in a big way. Play-to-earn or play-and-earn games such as Axie Infinity offer a new way to monetize gaming for users and creators, and the potential for NFTs to create unique digital items tradeable across multi-platform in-game marketplaces is just being tapped now. Blockchain is also the basis of multiplayer metaverse games that use it to secure player IDs and their ownership of currency and items.

Real Estate

Blockchain is fuelling the digital transformation of the real estate industry. It can be used to keep track of properties, verify and transfer ownership, validate documents, and manage mortgages. By using smart contracts and unique tokens, blockchain minimizes paperwork, protects against fraud, and helps long-distance purchases.

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