Blockchain Development Company

Our senior-level engineers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience building a wide range of blockchain solutions.

At AccelOne, our blockchain development team is a leader in developing secure blockchain solutions, including integrations. We’re dedicated to delivering custom blockchain solutions for companies that require an easy-to-use interface, quick execution, and high security.

Blockchain software development services at AccelOne

We specialize in the following blockchain development services:

  • Secure integrations
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain app development
  • Blockchain integrations with exchanges, banks, and DeFi for wallets and trading platforms
  • Cryptocurrency software development

Distributed Applications (“DApps”)

Unlike traditional apps, which run on one system, distributed applications (also known as “DApps”) are built within a blockchain: they run on multiple systems simultaneously, allowing multiple users to access the app at the same time, and allowing the app to continue to run if one component goes down. DApps can allow users or systems to interact with smart contracts, which are self-executing and require no external enforcement, making them a secure way to trace and track transactions of digital assets or digital goods.

Our blockchain software development team

At AccelOne, our senior-level developers specialize in the following technology stacks for blockchain app development, including:

  • API (RESTful and web services) to integrate different systems
  • Docker containers
  • Linux
  • Node.js and Python platforms for processes and integration
  • Transaction generation with most popular blockchains SDK for Node.js and Python
  • Cloud services

We also have extensive experience delivering successful software solutions for the fintech industry.

How do blockchain development services work at AccelOne?

  • Initial meeting. We meet with you and your team to discuss your specific needs in blockchain software.
  • Project planning. We work with you in a project planning phase to identify the requirements, components, integrations, and platform modules.
  • Project scope definition. Based on the information collected during the project planning phase, we define the following aspects: solution and cloud, team configuration, prerequisites, and more.
  • Prototype. In the case that a new web or mobile app is required, we create a prototype.
  • Blockchain app development. With the prototype approved and the project scope defined, the engineering, QA, and DevOps team develop, test, and deploy all of the platform’s components following agile practices (typically scrum).
  • Support and maintenance. After the platform is live, there is a period of support and maintenance. In most cases, there are new phases of the project and new features that are added, usually with the same original team or core team members.

Build with confidence


We work in real-time with frequent iterations and continuous review from you.


Enjoy 100% transparency with custom project tools including your custom project dashboard, e-mail alerts, and daily scrum invites.


Ensure seamless integration of your web application into your business organization, or other financial organizations, through the use of custom built APIs.


We take a user-centric approach to drive more rapid and enthusiastic application acceptance and adoption.

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