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AccelOne is a full-cycle custom software development company in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices throughout the US and Argentina. Centered in the mecca of digital innovation, with the highest concentration of high-tech companies in the nation, we’re proud to assemble some of the most imaginative and inventive teams in the industry to accelerate your business goals. We pair senior-level developers, designers, and project managers in the Bay Area with fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises to deliver high-performing solutions on time and on budget. With our Bay Area office we’ve become a trusted partner to clients across diverse industries from healthcare and retail to fintech and insurance. We accompany end-to-end development with top-notch tech fronts including blockchain, front end, back end, mobile, testing, UX, design, and management where they meet the latest tech stacks. Our team has extensive experience across web, mobile, cloud, and emerging technologies. By leveraging our cutting-edge customer management tools, we provide responsive and agile development services at every phase of your project. Let us help you drive impact and accelerate your digital innovation.

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Benefits of Software Development in the Bay Area

For decades the San Francisco Bay Area has been the place to be in the tech industry, ever since the rise of Silicon Valley back in the 1970s. Now, the area is practically synonymous with the tech industry, from global giants to plucky startups. This history combined with the free-thinking culture of California attracted the most ambitious entrepreneurs, technicians, and creatives from the US and the world, making the Bay Area a tech powerhouse throughout the 2000-era dotcom boom and the more recent Web 2.0 revolutions of smartphone apps, unicorn startups, social media, and e-commerce. Even now, in the face of global competition, the Bay Area remains at the forefront of research and development in tech, pioneering the development of Web3.

The reason for the Bay Area’s continued prominence in tech is the network effect: success breeds success. Even when competitors set up shop next to each other, the free flow of talent and resources arises from the local tech community that is naturally mingling in their professional and social lives. Whether you’re thinking of using Python or Javascript for your next project, scouting for a new developer, trying to attract VC funding from an angel investor, or want to get a feel for new app trends, the answer is just a click or a coffee shop meetup away. Being close to the center of the action gives the Bay Area a head start that can’t be beat. Furthermore, the local government recognizes the importance of the tech industry and has a legal framework friendly to the protection of intellectual property – critical to the success of new ideas and software. The local administration has also stepped up with measures that benefit the tech industry’s development, for example, accessible public transport for commuters.

The Bay Area is also at the forefront of one of the most exciting emerging technologies today – virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), with the likes of Unity, Pico, and Niantic (of Pokémon GO fame) all being based there. Whether it’s developing high-fidelity 3D graphics, creating the most immersive games, refining eye, hand, and body-tracking, or trying out for new clothes and cosmetics via AR, the Bay Area is the place to be for talented developers and artists creating immersive digital experiences.


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Our skilled devs can develop both native and hybrid cross-platform applications for iOS and Android.


We build web apps using the latest technologies and frameworks for high-performance and scalability.

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